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  1. Draft tonight at 10pm EST, 4 keepers Zeke Hopkins Thomas These are the obvious choices, then you have Big Ben but a few other options. Need to fill it ASAP.
  2. Sign me up, 53, no drama, love football!
  3. I did not realize it is $100, I do not play money leagues. Can you boot me please
  4. I will take the defending champ,, 53, active, and no drama here
  5. I may be interested, would like to see the team first,
  6. I am 53, for over 30 years, over 10 years on ESPN.
  7. looks good to me, . Brian, I just joined one of your other leagues, should be fun!
  8. KC and GB . . I love this concept, in another league like this!
  9. mispelled the email the 2nd time lol . . got the com messed up
  10. I will take the middle team . 53 here, meet the 21 plus requirement lol . Redpenutmm@aol.ocm
  11. The league is not viewable, just switch it to public until you get them filled.