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  1. In a weekly league... safe to assume that he'll sit one of the b2b's this weekend?
  2. He's a solid flier to take a chance on because of his opportunity on a terrible team. Everyone on here commenting about how he'll "get figured out" and that he isn't that good.. that is irrelevant if he is going to get 27+ mpg. Plenty of 'not good' players have been useful fantasy options. Booker 'should' be their PG but they have always been hesitant to label Booker as their PG, for whatever reason. They went as low as trotting out Isaiah Canaan at PG so Booker could play SG. Why wouldn't they try out Melton at PG and Booker at SG when he's healthy? His FG% will be ugly but he's got a chance to contribute solid assists and steals.
  3. Do we think this was just a mental breather on a b2b or do we expect this to be a nagging problem moving forward?
  4. JRich FG% with and without Dragic: With Dragic: 45.2% Without: 38.8% Get well soon, Goran. Please.
  5. Finished 40th and 40th the past two seasons so I'd say top 70 is pretty likely. Even with this awful, terrible, no good start he's just outside the top-100. Fact is, he just has to play better out there. He looks slow footed and lazy right now. Sure, Wall/Beal need to actually pass him the ball when he's usually open from 3 but he's also got to be more active on both ends.
  6. Being rested for tonight's game on the front end of a b2b. Picked him up in a weekly league because the Spurs have 4 games/week for 4 straight weeks. Really hope this doesn't become a trend moving forward. If it were any other team I wouldn't be worried but Pop gonna Pop so you never know if he sits for the rest of the upcoming b2b's.
  7. Why is everyone saying they have no 3 point shooting now? Let's not act like Covington is some sniper out there. He hits a lot of 3's because he takes a lot of 3's. He's at 39% from three this year, 37% last year, 33% two years ago. Butler is at 38% this year, 35% last, 37% two years ago. They're pretty much the same from downtown percentage wise. Redick should have a ton of open looks. He is looking like a winner in this trade too.
  8. Thibs has no idea what this means. You either play 10 minutes or you play 40 in his system.
  9. Doesn't seem to be an obvious pickup here since the players going back in the trade are probably already owned. Deep leagues I guess you can take a flier on WilChan but I don't think he's a standard league guy. Embiid, Butler and Simmons should all stay fairly the same. Maybe Jimmy loses a little value with less minutes. The real winner here is KAT.
  10. I just don't know where the minutes are going to come from in the short term. I watched the game and with 5 minutes left in regulation he checked out for Jared freaking Dudley. Jared Dudley is closing out games and it's 2018. For RHJ, the shooting sucked but he got a 1+1+1. What if he played 25 minutes? Maybe a 12, 5 and 3 with a triple one.. which means I guess I'm holding for another week in hopes that he gets the minutes he needs to be a top-100 guy. Dudley can't possibly stick in this rotation for much longer.
  11. Like any good General, he refuses to reveal his next move
  12. I guess we will find out after shootaround whether he will play or not. Vegas line opened at -3 and it is still at -3, which makes me think they anticipate him playing. Not often is a 4-8 team favored on the road against a 6-5 team. If we see that line move to pick 'em then that means General Soreness woke up on the wrong side of the bed and won't play.
  13. This is now my worry. I was high on RHJ heading into the year (as an underrated asset) but it looks like he won't regain the role that he had last year. He pretty much needs 26+ minutes to be a top-100 player and I'm not sold he gets there. Aside from LeVert and Harris, nobody is averaging more than 28 mpg currently. Now that Carroll is back, that's another person he will have to fight for minutes. Jared Dudley is inexplicably stealing 25 minutes a night while doing basically nothing. Carroll is obviously better than Dudley. So does Dudley go from 25 mpg to out of the rotation? Doubtful. It's just going to be a minutes jam on this team. It is very concerning that he hasn't reclaimed the starting job from Dudley yet. Just a lot of red flags for RHJ, unfortunately. tl;dr: It's going to be a bumpy ride and it probably won't be for the faint of heart. I'm not optimistic anymore