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  1. Just because you don’t own shares in Hyde does not mean you’ve failed to invest in Damien Williams’ handcuff and the second runner-up. Seek what’s/who’s available beyond Hyde.
  2. I see this as a valuable LB2-3 discussion, with some in this range possible to make the jump up one level simply due to traffic. Shaun-Dion Hamilton: did Washington drop Mason Foster because they believe in this sophomore, or because he’s just a place-holder until Reuben returns? Or is Jon Journeyman Bostic the placeholder? And does it make a difference as both will see action? From where I stand, I like Sweat’s talent, but unless he’s in a 4-3 and relegated to DE, I have a tough time buying. Also here, I have Patrick Onwuasor, bound to see more activity but what can he do with it? Anyone want to take the challenge to rank (or re-rank) this LB2-3 range? Patrick Onuwuasor (with only himself in the way of success) KJ Wright (due for a big comeback, and if Wagner holds out or ____, LB1) Anthony Barr Preston Brown Shaun-Dion Hamilton (not sure what to make of the 6th rounder, but obviously opportunity) BJ Goodson (will any team face the run more than the Giants?) Zach Brown Rashan Evans (yet to see the kid live up to pedigree) Oren Burks Wesley Woodyard Alex Anzalone Mack Wilson Jon Bostic Kamu Grieger-Hill Bobby Okereke (one of the most talented on this list but not in a great situation, as even in dynasty he’s surrounded by hungry beasts) From my perspective, ordering these LBs may be the key to successfully getting a leg up on the competition...
  3. NO WAY This trade is highly unbalanced, even if it’s only halfPPR
  4. If you scroll back and explore the previous 40+ pages, you’ll see this sentiment mentioned approximately every 6.5 pages... and in true RW form, we can expect the cycle to begin again in another page or so, with two newcomers taking the stage, one on either side...
  5. You forgot the add in a blurb about Carlos Hyde. I'm not sure what to think of this guy anymore. I'm on, I'm off, I'm on, I'm off... And entirely omitted (intentionally?) the blurb about UDFA James Williams being the closest measurable player to Kareem Hunt, even surpassing hunt in elusiveness at the collegiate level. Once James Williams has eliminated Darwin Thompson and hyde in preseason, he'll only have Damien Williams to contend with for lead back duties.
  6. While I firmly reside in the anti-nobody camp, I make my rankings the way Confucius might, “The cautious seldom err.” Your posts push the statistics that clearly show Damien Williams’ upside, and clearly his upside is high, however discount a key flaw: the sample size is simply too small to make any claims with relative certainty. From where I stand, Damien Williams is currently the #1, and anyone else in the backfield will have earn significance to climb the ladder and possibly supplant Damien Williams. It is May 31st, and we do not have sufficient information at this time to say with certainty who will rock the rock in the NFL’s most coveted RB role.
  7. Price is right. FantasyPros has him at 53 overall in PPR, RB23 QB difference is negligible Temper expectations due to increased committee usage, but no reason to expect his talent to suddenly disappear.
  8. Average to decent, not great, not like Bilichick
  9. Son, to make it in the Rotoworld, you gotta put your shoulder to the wheel and do the math for yourself. Responsibility is a heavy responsibility. Still, I'll give you a head start: Washington Redskins: Chris Thompson has more fantasy points than Guice
  10. Agreed on John Dorsey, with talent leagues ahead of Hard Knocks August '18, but oh the embarrassment when the Browns fall to 0-6 by Halloween.
  11. 2.75 years of meh, 2.75-8 years of RB1? Derrick Henry 🤑
  12. I'm not sure if the Jets o-line modifications will affect LBell as much as the Jets' curse, but still here are some updates. Pelzman is incorrect about Paradis (who Elway dumped on the Panthers). With Osemele’s acquistion, the Jets appear to have four-fifths of their offensive line set, with guard Brian Winters and tackle Brandon Shell returning on the right side. They also recently re-signed center Jonotthan Harrison, who finished the 2018 season as the starter after Spencer Long was moved to left guard to replace the injured Carpenter. Long was cut and later signed by Buffalo, but the Jets don’t seem to see Harrison as a starter, so they likely will look for someone such as Denver’s Matt Paradis this week in free agency. --- J.P. Pelzman, SportsMoney Mar 11, 2019, 09:42am The left tackle, right guard and right tackle spots have all stayed steady with Kelvin Beachum, Brian Winters and Brandon Shell returning. The two changes are Kelechi Osemele for James Carpenter at left guard and – at least as of right now – Jonotthan Harrison for Spencer Long at center. Osemele is a definite upgrade, given he was an All-Pro just two years ago. Harrison actually outperformed long in his seven games at center to finish out 2018, too, so he may be a slight upgrade as well. This group didn’t make a huge leap forward, but it’s something. --- Matt Stypulkoski | NJ Advance Media for Mar 16, 5:30 AM
  13. Boldness has returned, and some of your predictions were spot-on.