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  1. Love the player. Definitely has the chance to transcend the restrictions of the offense. Probably the most talented back in NE since Martin, maybe since Dillon's first year. That said, the Patriots aren't going to give him the ball based upon draft status or name, and James White has a role locked down as much as anyone in the league. Typically, you'll do okay just drafting whomever falls among the NE backs in the mix. Late flier on Burkhead seems reasonable, for instance.
  2. I agree. He needs more touches to combat what seems like an inevitable decrease in efficiency. That said, a lot of his touchdowns were more or less scripted. The 5-20 yard RB receiving touchdown is a thing in NO. They draw up low-risk, high-reward plays for the RB out of the backfield in the red zone. We've seen that since Reggie Bush. I feel comfortable with Kamara's TD floor being around 8, given his proficiency for scoring in the run game as well.
  3. I don't. How many teams have invested in a worse QB? Ignore rookies. Who's left? Miami, probably. Denver, probably. Tampa, the Giants, Cowboys, Jacksonville, and Tennessee are all mistakenly under the impression that they have QBs. Beyond that, I'm out of teams. Oakland has a bottom-ten QB situation.
  4. Some similar prospects... Montario Hardesty ( a much better prospect) Jamaal Williams (a better prospect) LeShun Daniels LeVon Coleman Mack Brown Brian Hill (a better prospect) Brandon Wilds Ron Dayne He's a straight line runner with no ability to cut or break tackles. He's no more useful to an NFL offense than are you or I. I hope he learned something beside football at Auburn.
  5. True. That statement applies equally to several dozen NFL players, including Johnson, a player unworthy of any more detailed consideration.
  6. 5.2 in the NFL is always more than what's blocked. Honestly? 4.1 is almost always more than what's blocked in the NFL. I have been watching the NFL closely since 1994. Very few offenses I've seen have been more confined than the Bears last year. That's a bottom 5% offense over the last twenty years. 4.1 YPC and 1000 rushing yards is exceptional. End of story.
  7. Elite WR. One of Jameis Winston's primary issues is that he doesn't target Evans enough. If you can get him in the second round (you can), you're ahead of the game. I'll guess 12 TDs. Howard and Brate aren't worth the looks, and Koetter's incompetence is my only concern with Evans.
  8. He'll cost next-to-nothing and has produced on limited targets before..
  9. Have fun. Allen is a reliable top-8 WR when healthy. Cooper will be fortunate to finish top-20. I would guess he does, but it'll be close for sure.
  10. 300+ carries is very unlikely. I can say that because I've watched football in the last twenty years and watched Seattle in the last twenty months. I really like Penny. He's in consideration for me. Wilson's mobility can help him, and the OL can't be worse than the last couple of years. But running games do not improve all that dramatically in my experience. He's a FLEX with some RB2 upside. I prefer Alex Collins.
  11. Serious chance that we just saw the best year of Drake's career.
  12. Love him. I could easily see this rookie RB class and last year's breakout RBs dropping Collins to potential FLEX status. The missing piece is the potential for Jackson to pick up starts by fantasy playoffs. That pulls EDGE players wide and slow to contain Jackson and gives the RB massive holes to hit. As long as Collins can make it to my 5th or 6th RB/WR, he's a gigantic target. Time will tell if hype gets him into RB2 status. If so, I may still take him, but it would have to be late 4th to 5th round in a 12-team league.
  13. He isn't better than Duke Johnson at Duke Johnson things, and he won't ever be. Are we certain he's better at Carlos Hyde things than Carlos Hyde? Hyde has been consistently good when healthy (big caveat) at the NFL level. Chubb, post-injury, has sometimes looked like a plodder. I think he's something like an eighth round pick in standard. I'll take a QB.
  14. We often agree. Here, we're going to disagree, at least a bit. I think Rosen has a decent chance at a Week 1 start. I'd give him better than 50-50 chance to start Week 6. Week 9, post bye, he's starting or I'll be very surprised. In any case, I expect Rosen to start at least half of the Cardinals' season.
  15. I think Gordon will be hit-or-miss week to week. Red zone scores will be big for him, as I imagine red zone looks will be split between him, Njoku, and the running game. Taylor throws a pretty deep ball, but he also locks on to outlets (Johnson, Landry). Mayfield, if he plays, has a less good deep ball, but it's nothing worse than Gordon has dealt with in the past. My guess is that 2019 is a good year for Gordon. I see the Browns running 11 personnel with RB/Njoku/Gordon/Landry. Coleman probably eventually loses his job to Callaway, who is superior player (on the Lockett-Sanders-Diggs-Brown spectrum). Gordon is clearly the best option deep, but I'm skeptical that Taylor (or rookie Mayfield) looks deep too often, given the fact that the other options can get open for shorter throws. My guess is 800-900 yards, with TDs ranging from 5-10 and determining whether Gordon is a viable weekly play.