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  1. Now more than ever, baseball COULD step up. The world needs it. ✌️✌️✌️Will they?
  2. Anyone who still wants baseball this year should understand, in no uncertain terms, the reason they aren't already planning to report June 10th to Spring Training is that the owners want more money than they already agreed to, and they are claiming the reason for that is that they claim they will lose money but are unwilling to show their work. And if they don't move from this position, there will be no baseball. This.
  3. Keep the faith man, but at this point...i personally feel like whatevs...if they keep bickering and wanna tank what little fan base they have, then that’s on them. In today’s world, baseball is becoming more non-relevant by the day....
  4. latest timeline some time in “summertime “ plz, someone que the fresh prince song
  5. for the modified ST In June idea, we are gonna need to hear to positive thoughts from players association soon....an agreement would be even nicer. But all we got is Blake snell playing vids talking about getting his.
  6. pack it in then F it. on another note, baseball in such rapid decline in the world, you’d think they might do something about it. Be innovative, try some ideas...but naw, we gonna watch Blake play vids and cry over a buck when folks can’t pay for groceries. Yea man, baseball IS my favorite sport ..but this just hurts. talk radio saying 2020 COULD mark the year baseball quit existing...I don’t believe it, but there’s talk...
  7. cant wait till each player has a replica of their face on personalized mask when we start up
  8. So more drawn out bickering, yea just F it
  9. Shut it down. Quarantine the team, he means. For 14 days. The next two games for that team? Cancelled or postponed. That could be life in the NFL in 2020. “Also,” I said, “I take it that teams have to be willing to say, If Patrick Mahomes tests positive on a Saturday night, he’s got to disappear for two weeks.” yea man...society at an all time low. *i should add, this is fauci talking about upcoming season*