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  1. Welp. at least it’s the most mild strain in the strain world...this dude man, what a bummer. Still holding optimism he figures this shiiii out w/around 4 weeks till it counts..
  2. My crystal ball says loose body surgery coming in 2-3 weeks book it
  3. Jury is out...looking like a DND at that adp
  4. Alls I know is it’s gonna be a tough year on the road for them..I can’t imagine. I hope it gets laid on thick. Over under 3 bench clearing brawls for the 2020 Houston Astros squad? To quote shoeless from field of dreams...‘but watch out for in your eye.’
  5. This may not go through now due to Graterol’s physical. love the Maeda move on twins part...ughghhh
  6. Wish he’d be given a legit shot at everyday ab’s
  7. ummm. Joey votto is now who joe mauer was his last few seasons.
  8. He’s obviously a lock for rotation correct? luzardo and puk also nice
  9. Semien seems to undervalued again. That lineup is nice and breakout was for real...Rarely misses a game
  10. Surprised u guys haven’t got this thread locked up yet