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  1. Hey, I’d be interested - would love to see the roster. My username there is jmp510or if you need the email.
  2. That’s your fault for paying someone you didn’t know over PayPal. Buyer beware.
  3. I’m looking to take over a dynasty team on Fantrax only. I don’t have a preference for IDP or not, just want to be on Fantrax. Open to a buy in up to $50. Would prefer an active league that likes to trade, hopefully one with a group chat too. Let me know what you have available! Thanks.
  4. Will be ran on Fantrax and league chat held on Groupme. Groupme is required! Quick league rundown: 12 teams 20 roster MiLB team Start the league with the MiLB draft. Order will be determined and email to owners using MLB draft will follow using the reverse order of the MiLB draft 6x6 scoring If anything comes up that was previously undertermined, we will hold a league vote. Majority wins. Please PM with interest or any other quesstions. We have the groupme setup, but not the league page yet. When it is setup I can provide a link to the page with the complete rules.
  5. I’m interested if this is available still. I’ll email you.
  6. Looking for a H2H keeper or dynasty league with an entry fee of no higher than $50
  7. I’m interested. Can you send me an invite?
  8. We are already in the process of slow drafting. It's the 5th pick, and this guy is AFK, we'd like to replace him. I know it's last minute, but if you want to join, you'd have to be ready to start drafting NOW. The slow draft allows 4 hours per pick, and will probably take about a week. The available team is 5th pick out of 12. If you have questions or want to see our Constitution, just PM me.
  9. also interested... my email is
  10. Commenting because I'm interested too. Moving to DC in August.