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  1. Here's a quick list of guys who have as many or more HR's and RBI's than Kris Bryant: HRs: 14 - Tim Anderson 14 - Jeimer Candelario 12 - Mark Canha 12 - Nick Ahmed 12 - Daniel Palka 11 - Kris Bryant 11 - Gorkys Hernandez RBIs: 49 - Brian Anderson 46 - Jurickson Profar 44 - Denard Span 44 - Daniel Descalso 44 - Nick Ahmed 44 - Kris Bryant 43 - Jesse Winker 43 - Christian Villanueva What elite company /s You're a bum, Kris. [Removed Cool Story]
  2. Unless he has a huge second half, which appears highly unlikely at this point with the Juan Pierre hitting approach he and his batting coach seemed to have embraced, this'll be the last year I own this guy in my keeper league. My patience has worn thin as this is going on Year 2 of this dumba$$ hitting style. It's incredibly frustrating because this feels nothing like just a player having an "off year" which happens all the time in baseball. No, it feels intentional -- the guy is trying to be something he ain't -- fixing what wasn't even broken. This dude is 6'5, 230 pounds with prodigious power. Leave it to the Cubs to try to tinker with his approach after an MVP season. And by the way, he hit 39 homers BEFORE MLB implemented the new "baseballs" that caused the spike in hr's across the board. He should really be sitting on 50 hrs annually, rivaled only by the likes of Judge and Stanton. But nahhh, hey I know, let's try batting him leadoff fellas! Again, 6'5, 230 pounds.
  3. I know he's trying to be a more complete hitter with a more mature approach at the plate but frankly, it's not working. It'd be a different story if he was hitting .320 and walking a ton but the dude is batting .280 and on pace to strike out 140 times still. if you're gonna do that, might as well just sell out on the power, cash in the 40+ bombs and settle in the .275 area w/ 190 K's like you used to a couple yrs back. This .280 with 20 hrs 80 rbi pace is garbage and kind of a bummer from one of your expected big time cornerstone hitters....
  4. THIS DUDE IS SO GOOD. From here on out, whenever he gets a HR someone needs to sing (ala Elton John style): B-b-b-b-eennni and the HITS... And when he gets a SB: B-b-b-eennniii and the JETS...
  5. Honestly didn't think Bux would turn out this terribly though. Kinda feel bad...
  6. I traded away Buxton for Beni over a month ago when both were mired in a slow start. I'm now sitting in first and he's second to last =D
  7. Finest slider since the 80's? People have forgotten about Clayton Kershaw already...
  8. People complain about the likes of Eduardo Rodriguez but this dude has been just as maddening with his inconsistency and injury woes.
  9. Everyone needs to just lower their expectations with Erod. At the moment he's a K+ per inning guy with a 3.75-range ERA. That's absolutely usable in 12+ leagues, especially if you monitor the matchups and on a loaded offense backing him. Don't watch his starts for sanity sake and just analyze his starts afterwards. Consider anything else just icing on the cake. But expecting anything more is just asking for heartache.
  10. I didn't watch the game, but 5 walks is playing with fire...I picked him up but I'm not trusting him one bit yet
  11. I traded this guy for A. Benintendi this week and did it with a lil bit of trepidation because of Bux's breakout potential but now I'm sort've glad I took the safer bet. How does this guy not have a single walk this season so far?!? Even if he get's 1 walk in his next game, it's still a much worse rate than last yr which was already atrocious. At this point, he's simply a second-half hitter and nothing more until he proves else wise. It would be another story if he was getting walks, working the counts, and running into bad luck (look at Jose Ramirez, no worries there), but this guy has shown NOTHING. It's like 50 First Dates every yr until the calendar strikes August.
  12. Banned? I would welcome him with open arms in my money league lol
  13. This dude is on pace for the strikeouts The Atlanta's organist plays Star Wars Imperial March when this BAMF comes to the plate. Yea...this is gonna be the yr....
  14. Worrisome start? Lol. Three games in, if the ageless wonder doesn't rob Ramirez of a hr, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.
  15. Middleton is definitely worth a speculative add. He throws 99. But really who the *beep* knows when you got the Scoisciopath sitting in the Angels dugout. He may trot out Tim Salmon out there in the 9th based on how he feels that particular day.