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  1. Lynn definitely marches to the beat of his own drummer. He’s working with 2 RB’s which is fine, but Ekeler is averaging 1.5 more ypc, so I’m not sure how the usage ends up. Then we see how well the offense moves with Herbert, which proves he’s not overwhelmed, atleast not as overwhelmed as Tyrod Taylor
  2. Daulton Jeffries is starting for Oakland against the Rangers, could be an audition for a 2021 rotation spot.
  3. Luis Campusano is DHing today for San Diego, batting 7th.
  4. Smith is sitting today, to help allow for Frazier. Mets doing their best to avoid winning.
  5. This kid has really moved up the loaded Padres prospect lists, right around #10 in most lists. Seeing his velocity progress like it has, going from upper 80’s, to touching 93,94 is a great sign given he’s only 20 now. The spin rate on his fastball isn’t very good, but he’s averaged 11.8/K/9 so far, so if he continues to develop good habits, like settling up his secondary plus changeup and curve, along with arm slot angle, he could continue to climb higher in the Padres system.
  6. As far as favorite players go, I’m sure Al Kaline is on plenty of lists. He was an exceptional person on and off the field, may he RIP.
  7. Considering how many top 100 lists he’s on, number 89 Francisco Alvarez still seems undervalued for his potential. A .916 OPS is nice for anyone in Rookie league, but from a 17 year old catcher, who was the youngest hitter in the appy league, it’s pretty impressive.
  8. Seth Corry- he had a 12.62K/9 and a 2.87 FIP in A ball, if he can improve on his 4.51 BB/9, he could definitely be a breakout.
  9. Seems like we’re seeing an Astros story every 20 minutes, looking forward to when sports media gets something else to sink their teeth into.
  10. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. First rankings I’ve seen that had Rutschman ranked 4th among “first year players”. Kind of surprising considering his talent.
  12. First ranking list I’ve seen that had Rutschman 4th amongst first year players. Understandable if Abrams develops more power.
  13. With a FIP around 3.00, and 10K/9, Woodruff has a ceiling worth the price of his draft position.
  14. Nice work on the rankings coach, just curious were you have Spencer Howard at?
  15. I believe in Ridley’s talent, but he has only had 2 good games when Hooper was in the lineup. It was frustrating to see Ryan constantly overlook Ridley. if Hooper signs someplace else, Ridley could be a huge asset.