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  1. 2QB, half PPR league needs a replacement owner. Keepers are due on Friday 8/28 with an autodraft on 9/4. The team has good keepers.
  2. 10 team league, each team keeps 3 players. No money involved just for fun, but looking for serious owners.
  3. Looking for 3 new owners for a 10 team 3-keeper free ESPN league. We did a slow draft last year but will decide how to draft once the league is full. We may also temporarily go to waivers rather than the current FAAB to facilitate last minute player inactivations. Available teams are: Team 5 Team 6 Team 10
  4. Would you consider a dispersal draft of the players from all of the unowned teams? There's enough players for 4 teams but they aren't distributed very evenly.
  5. I'm looking for a new owner for an orphaned team in our 10 team 3-keeper PPR league. We'll be starting a slow draft in July.
  6. I left the wrong email. Sorry about that. If there's still room, can you send me an invite to thanks

    1. nickcalled


      No prob. Invite resent.