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  1. He's a great streaming option whenever the starting PG sits a game out (Morant this year, Teague in the past), because he's a very solid option when given enough minutes. Really good AST:TO and solid steals. However, I agree with Johnny Tuttle here that he'll probably never be seen as a starting PG.
  2. This. Joe Harris is a great steady source of 3s on good %s and can be useful to many teams. That said, I don't expect him to suddenly become more than that.
  3. Probably my biggest draft regret so far. I was hoping he would improve to 11-12 ppg, 1.8-2.0 3pm, 1.8 stl... but he's absolutely worthless out there right now.
  4. This. His negative impact on FT% was even bigger than Drummond's last year. Of all top 200 players, only Whiteside had a bigger negative impact on FT%. This year he's not among the top 200 player so far, but the only player among them with a bigger negative impact so far is Giannis. Adams' FT% isn't the issue right now (it always has been); it's the lack of other cats. His pnt, stl, and FG% are all down.
  5. In small ball line ups I can definitely see this happening, but Zeller is still a strong hold in 12+ as far as I'm concerned. Washington isn't a five against most teams, and with 28-30 mpg Zeller will most likely average around a DD with low TO and solid %s. That's a boring but great player to have; his name value is low and he's an injury risk therefore you won't be able to get much for in a trade. But it's hard to find players like him off the wire in 12+
  6. How does he hurt you in roto? His skillset is very good for roto. Some people on here seem to have a weird perception on the concept of players hurting you in cats. Obviously he has cats he's stronger in than others, but what player doesn't? If you are looking for players that have no weaknesses (no negative Z-scores), here's a picture of all the players you can choose from: Fun, but totally irrelevant, fact: Kelly Oubre and Al Horford would be the two players that fit this description the best and have the least negative impact on cats so far this season.
  7. Not true. Last year he finished 7th in total value in 9cat, the year before 9th. So at the end of the year he has still contributed (or beasted if you want to) more than several other first rounders. He'll be fine.
  8. Not really true though; his 8.3 ppg last year meant a -1.21 Z-score. Actually he only had two positive cats (steals and TO) and a neutral one (FT%). His FG% has significant impact, and his blocks won't hurt you (0.5). So yeah, he doesn't hurt you like classic punt (FG/FT/TO) players can because he doesn't hurt you in the efficiency cats, but he does hurt you in some cats (mostly pts & rebs).
  9. Short term: Harkless. As long as PG is out he should get all the run he can handle, and he has shown in the past he can be a viable glue guy with enough minutes (especially in roto). ROS: Bazemore.
  10. As someone who has played in this league from the year it started, I can definitely vouch for the league and its commissioner. It's an active and competitive league
  11. Personally I'd strongly advise all of you to never play in a money league with this feller. He forgot about the draft time in another league, showed up late, didn't like his autopicks and then just pulled his money from leaguesafe and bailed on the league. Surely not what you're looking for to commish this league right?
  12. Like I said, I stand corrected. If I were you though I'd try to trade Whiteside as soon as possible for a non-punt FT big; the 77,7% will probably land you around 4/5 points in a 12 teamer. While you're right it doesn't automatically make you finish dead last in the rankings, keeping the combination of the two around will be the difference between finishing bottom half or top 3 in FT. Since you mentioned that Whiteside was an autopick I'd move him for sure; whatever you get in return will most likely earn you 6/7 points in FT alone already. Keeping Drummond around can easily be compensated for by the rest of your team, and he's probably worth it considering his immense impact in FG/REBS and solid PNT/STL/BLK
  13. Yeah I guess it's possible, but it requires such a specific build just to compensate Drummond+Whiteside enough to be slightly below average in FT. Why go through so much trouble to score 4 (maybe 5) out 12 points?