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  1. really bummed by his recent lines after his first few with KAT out. man, i really thought i had something.
  2. used to laugh at the teams in my league who got devestated by injuries. now im them. isaac, holmes, morris, noel all within 10 days
  3. they need to stop getting blown out...
  4. winslow had a setback. all systems on deck
  5. lol some people actually picked up gafford. Thad has a fantasy friendly game, as the fantasy vets know
  6. 5 threes middway in the 2nd. wow. this is the breakout we were looking for. of course, he will have 8 and 4 next game
  7. don't think there's anyone in the league that can do what he can with full minutes. his skillset is unreal. i mean 4 threes, 4 blocks, 6 asts in one game. not many players can do that. would love to know how many players have done that in the history of the nba.