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  1. Couldn't find anyone for tonight? BS. I emailed him hours ago. He just didn't respond because I asked about Leaguesafe. There is no Leaguesafe for this league. It is clearly a scam. If you join and win you will never get payed. Don't fall for it.
  2. I'm working tonight and need something to do. LOL. I'm looking for a money league that uses Leaguesafe and ESPN Snake Draft, with any buy in amount. If there is a league out there who needs a last minute fill in or if someone wants to get one going, I am in.
  3. I emailed you. Let me know if the spot is still open.
  4. Alright, now if we can just talk the commish into paying we'll be set. lol
  5. I also hate FAAB but I don't care. Let's just do it.
  6. now there is 10 payed, plus the commish who hasn't payed, so i guess it's back to 12 teams and still need one more
  7. are you team trev , robert sanders? I still see that team
  8. give him your email again. he just deleted the wrong team
  9. We do need 1. If Robichaux and the commish pay, then you join. We'll be ready.
  10. 9 paid. Figure out who hasn't payed, boot em, start a new thread saying we need 3 more, and watch it fill up.