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  1. I lots of years play in espn, but have two years expierence and yahoo. Im interest in your league. If are free apot invite me.
  2. Very intresting. Very fast take a look in rules. Please invite me.
  3. Im interested too. Take one of free spot in your league.
  4. If you find some place, im join too.
  5. Very interest in join. If will open, invite me.
  6. Have 6 years experience in nba fantasy, i try to find really active league. Pm.
  7. I'm in. Its my first time in fantrax. But in espn and yahoo have lots of experience.:)
  8. Roto league with 18 players. With 5 starters and 2 UTIL. 11 categories. Pts, AFG%, FT%, 3PM, dreb, oreb, asist, steal, block, TO, TF. thinking about trade: I want get whiteside/capela I give Towns + somthing like (M.Criss, J.Randle, M.Brongdon, J.Richardson or R.Lopez)??? Im almost last in two categories dreb, oreb. Worth? Or maybe will be vetoed?