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  1. I got Antonio Brown’d and need to start building up depth on the team. I was offered Sony Michel and OJ Howard for my Melvin Gordon and Mark Andrews in my 0.5 ppr league. Here’s my current lineup: RB1: Saquon RB2: Breida WR1: Thielen WR2: Kupp Flex: Mecole Hardman TE: Mark Andrews Bench: Melvin Gordon, AJ Green, Antonio Brown, Singletary, Malcolm Brown WHIR!!
  2. But if a team is willing to pay for him after this year wouldn’t you think they would be willing to pay for him right now? If there was a team willing to top the Chargers offer I would imagine we would be hearing rumors of a trade by now.
  3. For me the biggest difference between this and the Bell situation is that Gordon has been able to fully seek out his trade value and be traded if he found a team willing to take him. Bell didn’t have this option and needed to wait until the season was over to check his value. I just don’t see what Gordon’s incentive to hold out would be if it seems like the Chargers really won’t go any higher.
  4. I doubt the team would let pride step in the way of this. If they thought he was worth $10mm before, I assume the offer is still on the table. It just doesn’t sound like they are willing to go any higher.
  5. I’m guessing Gordon caves sooner rather than later. With the Chargers allowing him to seek trade partners, I’m sure he has a pretty good gauge on his own value now. Given that no team seems to want him so far, I’m guessing he’s realized his value isn’t nearly what he hoped it would be. If that’s true, I find it hard to believe he would hold out much longer and miss actual game checks. In my opinion, most likely scenario is him signing the $10mm/ year deal the Chargers offered earlier.
  6. What concerns me about Ertz is how he was used in the back half of the year. Through the first 10 games he played on 97% of snaps, averaged 88 yards per game and 8 catches. In the last 8 games (including playoffs) he saw a dip in playing time to only 83% of snaps while averaging 54 yards and 6 catches. Over that same time frame Goedert saw his snap % increase from 42% in the first 10 games to 56% in the remainder. Given Goedert is a rookie being worked into the system, it stands to reason that the snap % in the back half is more representative than of the first 10 games. In a 0.5 ppr setting assuming Ertz scores 6 TDs (last 8 games extrapolated over full season), his 6 catch, 54 yards per game would put him at 168 points on the season. This is well below the 237 points he scored last season and would have made him the tight end #5/6 if OJ Howard had played all 16 games.
  7. I’m in the same situation with the #1 pick in a 12 teamer and I feel like the move is to go 2 WRs unless incredible value falls at RB. I feel like the tier difference between Hilton/Evans/Thielen/Allen to a Boyd/Lockett/Ridley/Anderson is much bigger than the drop between the Kerryon/Henry/Aaron Jones/Freeman tier to the Carson/Ingram/Jacobs/Montgomery running backs. If my first 5 picks are Sequon, Hilton, Evans, Montgomery and Carson I’m feeling pretty stacked.
  8. I want to believe, but outside of the Tennessee game here is what Jax has done against RBs the past 5 games. AP: 51 yards at 2.7ypc Mack: 27 yards at 3.4 ypc McCoy: 46 yards at 2.7 ypc Conner: 25 yards at 2.8 ypc Mack: 29 yards at 2.4 ypc Seems very risky, especially given an uncertain workload with Drake.
  9. I’m in the unfortunate position of having to start 2 of Ware, Howard, Kelly, Breida, Blue, Eli, and Ballage and haven’t made a decision on who I want to start yet lol.
  10. Is there any chance he gets taken off of yahoos can’t cut list? Very frustrating having him burn a spot on my roster.
  11. I'm 0-2 and looking to turn things around. I've been offered Chris Thompson in exchange for my Devonate Freeman and Julian Edelman. Is it too early to bail? My Roster: RB1: Devonate Freeman RB2: Derrick Henry WR1: Antonio Brown WR2: Hilton Flex: Hogan Bench: Kerryon Johnson, Bilal Powell, Peyton Barber, Edelman, Cobb
  12. Great to see Amari have a good game, now he can get overdrafted again in the 2nd round next year! 1 great game does not makeup for him tanking most lineups the past 5 weeks. Even when he does have a good game, there's a decent chance it's on most people's bench because of the previous inconsistency. This is why I will never buy shares of him, never know when to trust him. The end of season results may look fine, but I bet most of the points scored by Amari will be on people's benches.
  13. Trying to figure out if I should trade my McKinnon and McCoy for Antonio Brown. It leaves me a little thin at RB but I think the upside is worth it. Thoughts? Here's my team. 0.5ppr, start 2 RB, 2 WR and a flex. QB: Brady RB1: McCoy RB2: Doug Martin RB3: McKinnon RB4: Demarco Murray RB5: Aaron Jones RB6: David Johnson RB7: McFadden WR1: Crabtree WR2: Fitz WR3: None TE: Gronk