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  1. Living near the Baltimore area, the local sports channels (as well as radio) have been raving about him for months. He’s clearly been ready for a while now. He’s produced like this pretty much all year. I guess what I’m saying is that he’s more legit than you think. He will produce solid numbers ROS...and wait until he starts running. He’s very fast!
  2. He’s been in AAA for a while now...
  3. Yeah...I own GasCan, and if he were to be dealt to the Rockies, I would have to drop. I wouldn’t want to be around that beatdown every 5 days.
  4. I think they hate Rodgers for some reason. He has zero shot of getting the call.
  5. Let me give you the info to my league...please join for next year!
  6. I have always believed in the philosophy of, "Never bench your studs," but is this the first year that that statement in total BS? i.e...I own Rizzo, Harper, and Devers (not that he is stud)...and I am sure everyone has other players that fall into this category. I mean, I am looking at benching Rizzo for Bird at this point...I benched Harper for Kiermaier and I was happy...what a year...
  7. He actually hits lefties really well.
  8. Harper is certainly another team. That’ll fix the OF situation.
  9. As a RP...not as appealing I’m afraid.
  10. I don’t own him in any league, but I like the kid a lot. I don’t agree with the way the Yankees are treating him. He deserves to play. Either for them or someone else. This guy was the centerpiece of the Andrew Miller deal for god’s sake...use him!
  11. It does look like the stars are lining up...especially with Alvarez being called up to AAA...hmmmmmm
  12. Getting better the worse they play...
  13. The time to stash is now. Hit two HR last night for AAA Reno and played all 9 innings in the OF.
  14. George Springer suffered a back injury on Saturday against the Rays. Springer reportedly "jolted" his back while making a spectacular diving catch off the bat of Adeiny Hechavarria. He was slow to get up, but he was able to leave under his own accord. Astros manager A.J. Hinch told reporters he didn't think there was a long-term concern, but the outfielder will be reevaluated by Houston on Sunday. Someone get Kyle Tucker on the phone ASAP! Wishful is it??? Stayed tuned!