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  1. ESPN is not very proactive when it comes to fantasy basketball. Typically though, this is the time of year where they usually shut their site down for a week or so and then reopen to allow for drafts to be scheduled for the fall and mocks to begin. I think it is anyone's guess how they will play it this year with all of the uncertainty around when next season might begin. It's been reported that a start on or about December 1st is possible but there are countless issues to be worked out between the league, owners, the NBPA, etc. Hopefully, ESPN will more or less stay on schedule so we can run some mock drafts while we wait.
  2. ESPN calling it a season...
  3. It will be great to have basketball back, but in my view, if they do not bring back the entire league, there is really no way to continue fantasy leagues.
  4. Dropped as well. The Capela, Bagley, Bryant frontcourt with Curry hasn’t worked out so well.
  5. I’m still holding. I feel like something has to give here. He was one of the most productive per minute players at the beginning of the year. Yes, the wheels have come off but between the potential loosening of the minutes restriction and/or a trade of DeRozan, I just can bring myself to cut him loose.
  6. It seems to me that his position eligibility shouldn't be a matter of opinion or debate. He is marked as a PF in ESPN box scores, period - and that should determine his eligibility on their platform. What any thinks about how they are deploying him versus other front court players in almost irrelevant.
  7. The PDF is an absolute masterpiece. I hope your efforts are rewarded with this injustice being corrected!
  8. I totally agree. I’m also in a highly customized league and both ADPs and even average auction prices are completely irrelevant other gauging general sentiment towards certain players.
  9. I’ve written to ESPN on this and it sounds like there is no particular formula or cadence for positional updates. They just periodically have a look and do random updates. Perhaps if every Bam owner writes them, they’ll get annoyed enough to update him.
  10. Sounds like he is on a minute restriction which may be eased a bit after 10 games or so. This kid is so productive on a per minute basis, if he makes his way close to 30 mpg, watch out.
  11. Hopefully he picks up SG eligibility on ESPN and elsewhere given that is in fact the position he is playing.
  12. Don’t over rely on post-all star break splits to be an indicator of a potential breakout. While being aware of such splits can lead to high upside picks, it can also lead to overbidding on the Marquese Criss types.
  13. First off, the Klay injury is just horrible news. But also as a Curry owner, I worry what this may mean for Curry. Clearly will need to see how they adjust the roster. That being said, despite a likely spike in usage, every defense will be solely focused on Curry. Does that burden make Curry himself more susceptible to injury? If they are a borderline playoff team in the west does this make Curry more or less likely to be a candidate for “load management” rest days? Durant’s absence clearly meant an increase in Curry’s value. I’m not as convinced Klay’s absence will do the same. Thoughts?
  14. I first think of players returning from injury so Cousins (depending on team) and Porzingis spring to mind immediately.
  15. Extremely clutch late season night for Bruno with 13 points, 17 rebounds and a block.