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  1. LeBron has definitely had the tougher road in the Finals, there's no debating that. Jordan's first three championships are pretty weak actually. Lakers in 91 had no Kareem, lost their key role players from the Showtime Era, and James Worthy was hurt. They had no chance. 92 Blazers were pretty much a one man band with Clyde Drexler. Are we really giving MJ that much credit for beating Drexler? 93 Suns were the best team of these 3 IMO, Barkley was great that year and they had some nice players around Barkley. Still not a great team and the Bulls were clearly better. But 6/6 is 6/6, MJ never lost and always beat the teams he was supposed to beat. 2011 Bron will always be a big stain on his resume.
  2. Bumping this up for good luck so the Braves beat the Dodgers tonight!
  3. If your criteria is to win it all, Bill Russell is the GOAT by far. Not only won but also dominated during his time. It's a never ending debate. Let's just put the debate to rest and enjoy LeBron while we have him. Love him or hate him, GOAT or not, he's one of the best players ever and a top player of all time.
  4. Imagine they run it back with pretty much the same team and win again! 🤣 I can only imagine the extreme level of hate we'll reach. Bron truly lives rent free in these guys heads.
  5. And to add to my post above regarding your "easy road" comment, numerous current and ex players have already came out and said this is one of the hardest championships that could ever be won. We played who was in front of us, it's not our fault the Flippers turned out to be frauds or the Bucks choked because Giannis isn't at that truly elite level yet (remember when he was the best player in the world a few months ago? Funny stuff). I just think it's funny who fast people flip flop their position. First, it was the Blazers were the best 8th seed ever. Then it was this Houston team is gonna give the Lakers major problems and PJ Tucker is the AD stopper (LMAO!). Then Denver beat the Flippers and we didn't have an answer for Murray and Jokic. Miami got hurt and that's unfortunate, but we didn't cause the injuries, we just played who was in front of us. That's our fault? Living inside a bubble for 3 months with very little friends/family, no fans, and all the challenges that would present to a person qualifies as the easiest road ever? You're a hater, plain and simple.
  6. Your reasons for why you pick MJ over Bron as the GOAT are weak as hell man. I'm not here to debate who's better, I'm just pointing out your reasons are awful. Your first reason is Bron always needs help and has never won a chip by himself. But did MJ? Last time I checked all 6 of his rings featured Scottie Pippen, a top 25ish player of all time who was also one of the greatest defensive players of all time. Pippen created offense for those Bulls teams and was ahead of his time as a point forward. No help eh? That sounds like one of the best #2s ever. His runs also featured Dennis Rodman, also one of the best defensive players ever and a top 3-5 rebounder ever. Tony Kukoc, who averaged 13 a game during the Bulls 2nd 3-peat. Nothing crazy but nothing worth dismissing as a key role player. Steve Kerr, one of the best 3 point shooters of all time, a winner who was also a great role player. Horace Grant, a big time piece of the 1st Bulls 3-peat. Phil Jackson, the GOAT head coach. Paxon hit the series clincher for them against Phoenix too. But MJ had no help, huh? Please. You cite LeBron whining as your 2nd reason. Just curious, what does whining have to do with talent? What does whining have to do with his accomplishments? Why would whining diminish LeBron's case as the GOAT? You just don't like him. Newsflash, MJ complained to the refs, just like all the other stars through time have. Then you cherry pick current players to try and make your reason more solid but unfortunately you picked the wrong guy in KD. Third, whether you hate or love him, you can't use that as a reason to say a player isn't the GOAT. Your opinion doesn't reflect the opinions of a billion others. I know you hate him but his accomplishments will stand the test of time and he will be remembered as the greatest of this generation easily, and possibly the best of all time. You gave two "reasons" which was really your OPINIONS and have no weight in a GOAT conversation. Your first reason is a commonly cited reason which is simply untrue. I have my own personal beliefs and opinions and I won't get into it here but if you're gonna debate who the GOAT is, at least come with some real material.
  7. That's funny to me too. Already got people trying to discredit this year's run and say, let's see what happens next year. We could win next year then they'll say oh well back to back is easy, let's see if they're Kobe-Shaq level great and go back to back to back. It's always something we these guys. I've said it before, why can't people just enjoy LeBron's run why he's here? He might not have much time left, enjoy greatness why we have it because these guys only come around once every generation.
  8. 2019-2020 LeBron Revenge Tour complete! Special shout out to all the haters that said we couldn't do it, that said this team wasn't good enough, that we gave up too much for AD, that Bron was washed, etc. etc. etc. Through all the hate we got another ring and will be hanging banner 17 soon! This one's for Kobe, RIP Legend!!!!! Your legacy lives on forever!
  9. Jimmy was spectacular. Him and Bron going back and forth trading buckets was so much fun to watch. Unfortunate that the ball found Green as he is shooting with no confidence right now but that's the way it is I suppose. Overall, I like what Vogel has done the whole season with rotations, adjustments, and playing time but putting Green in there on that last play was stupid. Morris made a bad pass but had the right idea. Just got too excited in the heat of the moment. Tough loss but I agree that the Lakers close it out tomorrow.
  10. One thing I will give Gile credit for regarding the Lakers, he was right about Danny Green. You nailed that one on the head 100%.
  11. Yep, he played exceptional tonight and put up an all time great performance considering the circumstances. AD being in foul trouble the whole night took the Lakers out of rhythm offensively and created holes in the paint defensively too. Props to Miami for taking advantage of it.
  12. Agree with everything you said except the last part. Raptors are very well run and if they keep Masai Ujiri around they will be contenders in the East for awhile. Kawhi made a big mistake coming to the Flippers, he could've ran the East like LeBron did for all those years and put himself in position win titles easier than he does now. Now Kawhi has to go through the West and play multiple great teams to do it. Not saying he won't ever win but his path was a lot easier and come playoff time, I'm taking Lowry and Toronto's bench over Wayoff P and the Flippers' bench.
  13. Gile Pile contributes meaningful analysis in other threads and I respect him for that. He knows what he's talking about for fantasy purposes. However, for some reason, he always posts negative hate about the Lakers and goes out of his way to degrade and belittle them. Why? Who knows. But he's easily the biggest Laker hater there is on this sub. He doesn't even try to hide his hate for them. He hates LeBron and he hates the Lakers. This one has gotta be real tough to swallow after seeing his Raptors lose to Boston and his dream team Flippers lose in the 2nd round. And I'm so here for it!
  14. I'm a huge Metcalf fan and I love what I've seen so far. Go get him.