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  1. As the people mentioned above, playing time could be the big issue. Fletcher will be out there everyday because of his glove and bat. Simmons has SS locked down, Rendon at 3rd. Sure, when Ohtani pitches Pujols can slide over to DH and La Stella can play 1st. Or if they give Pujols the day off. But Pujols has still averaged out 130+ games the past 5 seasons believe it or not, so it's not like he's resting all the time. It's also hard to bench him when he still provides some production and he happens to be making 25 million dollars still I believe. Playing time seems to be a real issue to me. Good problem for the Angels but bad for us fantasy owners.
  2. Not sure honestly. It seems many of these big deals are always backloaded though.
  3. Yanks really trying to build the most complete team in MLB history. Getting Hader gives them the best bullpen in the bigs, to join the best lineup in the bigs, and they have a top rotation now as well. Goddamn.
  4. Agree with everything you said. And ending up with a rotation like that would be ideal. I keep seeing they want to get Kluber, and I'm for it, but what are the Indians asking in return?
  5. I think that is a very underrated detail of the contract. The Yankees are probably hoping and praying he pitches great then decides to opt out. As someone else said, they get 4 or 5 great years out of him and then get his contract off the books before the downhill decline starts. Who knows if he pitches that well and would even opt out to begin with (don't think he'll get another deal like this) but maybe it happens.
  6. Agreed. From what I hear, they still have quite a bit of money to play with and I'd rather see them split some of that up and get a few quality arms like you mentioned than go all in on one guy like Bum.
  7. As an Angels fan I'm excited. Better to see them spend money and be aggresive while Trout is the best player in the world than do nothing at all like last off-season. They definitely need pitching, I'm not disputing that, but the offense looks pretty darn good. I guess the front office's plan is to try and outscore everyone this year. We'll see what happens but apparently they are still trying to land Bum. If that happens, who knows, they might make a nice little run. Believe it or not, they have a few quality arms, the problem is no one can ever stay healthy during the season.
  8. Time will tell with Cole's contract on whether it was a good or bad deal. If they can get 3-4 great years out of him and maybe another 2-3 good years, even if he totally stinks at the end, it's a good deal. And if they happen to win a ring in the process, this isn't even a debate. Winning fixes everything and the only thing holding the Yanks back was their starters. Cole is the ace they needed. You have to pay to play in sports and the Yanks are puting it all out there to win a ring. As an Angels fan, I'm glad we didn't sign him for that price as we have many holes. Signing two starters like Bum and Ryu is probably the better bet to building a solid rotation. However, the Angels front office really wants to make a big splash. Moreno has money to spend and it's burning a hole in his pocket. I'm not saying they get Rendon but they are gonna go after him hard.
  9. Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) Tweeted: The deal sending Tommy Pham from the Tampa Bay Rays to the San Diego Padres is done, sources tell ESPN. Outfielder Hunter Renfroe and middle-infield prospect Xavier Edwards head back to the Rays. Padres will get another minor leaguer.
  10. I honestly think this is gonna be a two horse race between the Yanks and Angels for Cole. If the money is about even, where do you think he prefers? He claims there is no west coast bias, maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but the Yanks definitely are in better shape to contend than the Angels. But then again he grew up in Socal and there probably is some west coast bias. Just wondering what all of you think. I personally am an Angels fan but I like hearing what others have to say on Cole. Unless maybe the Dodgers jump in I really only see Anaheim and NY really in on Cole. It's gonna cost either team A LOT of money he's what both teams so desperately need.
  11. This thread is a prime example of why I mainly only post here in the off-season. So many awful, reactionary takes off of a couple down games. He hurt his ribs Tuesday against the Suns and has been battling a nagging shoulder injury all season. Of course he's not 100% but when is AD ever 100%? He always has these ticky-tack injuries that longer throughout the season. LeBron has been on an absolute tear the last week or so, the offense is running through him so AD doesn't have to do as much and risk aggravating his injuries. That's the beauty of this Lakers team, both don't have to be dropping insane stats every game. They play off each other and whoever is feeling it will have the offense ran through them. AD or Bron or anyone else on that team doesn't give a damn about your fantasy team and how much AD touches the ball. His usage will be game dependent. He's still gonna finish with nice stats but he won't finish number 1 like some of you drafted him (why?), and that's okay, the Lakers don't want him doing too much, especially in a mid November game against the Hawks which was basically over in the 1st quarter when we were up like 30-9. Everyone needs to chill.
  12. So good they might almost get out of the 1st round. Amazing.
  13. I would disagree. Seasons can be lost early in the year. You start off bad and you're playing catch up the whole season, especially in the West.
  14. He has been great, as expected, for the Lakers in real life. For fantasy, he has been and will continue to be up and down as the season continues. Some nights it will be Bron, other nights AD, some the bench or someone like DG. They don't wanna overwork him and run the risk of serious injury. He's already nursing a shoulder injury.