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  1. Someone is going to fall the the Cowboys at 17 and that should be their plan - take whoever falls that is at a position of need for them. Henderson, Kinlaw, Chaission, one of those guys will fall I believe. Pretty simple for Dallas. But I did read Jerry is drafting all alone tonight and wants no help from the scouting he'll probably ending up drafting a WR.
  2. The Angels just really can't catch a break with pitchers. Every single year for the past 5 years it feels, they've had 2, 3, maybe even 4 pitchers go down with TJS. Awful to hear about Canning. A talented young arm that sounds like will miss the whole season. Elbow is sore, felt something off, going for an MRI.... That's usually TJ.
  3. Looks like the Clippers are going to be acquiring someone.
  4. Makes the deal even better for the Angels. I thought it was a no gain-no loss trade for them originally, by just swapping Joc and Luis. But you throw in Ross, and the Angels need pitching bad, that's big for them. Also big for Ross who should finally be a full time starter.
  5. The Rangers have a much better staff, no debating that. While I think there is some potential with the Angels starters (Ohtani, Heaney, Canning), they still have a weak rotation. However, the Angels really should have a good lineup. It's not just Trout and Rendon. You also have Fletcher, La Stella, Ohtani, Upton, Simmons. They could be and really should be very solid. Top 3 offense in the AL is a high expectation but they have the talent.
  6. I like these picks. I had Oakland swapped out with the As, and the Reds swapped out with the Cubs, but overall, you order of finish is pretty much what I have as well.
  7. I said their goal should be to be a top 3 offense in the AL. I didn't say they would finish top 3, though I think they could and they should end up having a very good offense. Top 5 is my prediction. As fair as the AL West goes, I said 3rd place, you say 4th, really it doesn't mean much. Either way they miss the playoffs. I'm just saying they finish ahead of Texas for 3rd. I think they are somewhat overrated. The Indians basically gave Kluber away. I think they might know something or have a feeling about something we don't. I don't think he comes back and is the same guy he once was for Texas. Their lineup isn't bad but it has holes.
  8. I think some are being too optimistic and some are being too pessimistic. They have a good, maybe great offense. Their goal should be to be a top 3 offense in the AL (Yanks and Twins will be top 2). They will have to score a lot of runs to win. That seems to be the plan. Score runs, play good defense. Their pitching is bad, potentially very bad. Heaney is nice, Canning is nice, when Ohtani pitches I believe he'll be good, but the others are not looking so good. They've brought in some total bums the past few years to eat up innings and these last couple guys feel like the same thing. I think they stay in the hunt because of their lineup, good/great defense, and because of a couple of their starters, but they won't have enough to win a WC spot over Tampa or Houston/Oakland. I think they finish 3rd in the division.
  9. If my memory serves me correctly, the Cubs were in the race until the 2nd week of September and lead the division a significant amount of time last season. They fell flat on their face the last few weeks of the year and I wouldn't expect them to do that again if they were in the same situation. Maddon is a good manager but he ran his course in Chicago. He coached those guys when they were kids and now they are grown men who've accomplished a lot in the bigs. He never adjusted and it was time for a change. Now they have their old friend, Ross, as the manager, a guy who's played with some of these players, knows how to win, and knows how to manage egos. That alone should result in better morale and an increase in wins. They actually have a lot of talent still. That division just doesn't look good to me and I don't think it would be crazy for them to win the division. Still have Javy, Bryant, Rizzo, Schwarber, Contreras, etc. in that lineup. Still have Yu as your number 1 and you hope you get a bounce back from Hendricks and Quintana. I'm not saying they win the World Series or even win 95 games but I see that division beating up on each other and I see it being a dogfight to the end. Could have as many as 4 teams in that race. I feel the Cubs come out on top.
  10. AL East: Yanks AL Central: Twins AL West: A's Wild Card: Tampa and Houston Can see Cleveland being up there real close to Houston for the 2nd spot. I would love to see my Angels get in there but unless their pitching stays healthy and exceeds expectations, they won't make it. Their offense should be fun though. NL East: Atlanta NL Central: Chicago NL West: LA Wild Card: Philly and Arizona Washington misses the playoffs. San Diego is in the hunt but misses as well. NL Central seems like it will be the NFC East to me. No one really looks like they want to win that division. The Reds are the trendy pick but they don't seem clearly above the rest to me. Just seems like a really bad division that will be the worst in baseball (AL Central has 2 bad teams, 1 so-so team, 2 good teams). AL Playoffs: Tampa over Houston Tampa over NY A's over Twins Tampa over A's NL Playoffs: Philly over AZ ATL over Philly LA over Chicago ATL over LA World Series: Tampa over Atlanta Maybe it's just me but the NL seems pretty weak this year. Don't take these picks too seriously, I came up with them just a minute ago and haven't done much research yet! Figured I'd contribute to the thread just for fun.
  11. As the people mentioned above, playing time could be the big issue. Fletcher will be out there everyday because of his glove and bat. Simmons has SS locked down, Rendon at 3rd. Sure, when Ohtani pitches Pujols can slide over to DH and La Stella can play 1st. Or if they give Pujols the day off. But Pujols has still averaged out 130+ games the past 5 seasons believe it or not, so it's not like he's resting all the time. It's also hard to bench him when he still provides some production and he happens to be making 25 million dollars still I believe. Playing time seems to be a real issue to me. Good problem for the Angels but bad for us fantasy owners.
  12. Not sure honestly. It seems many of these big deals are always backloaded though.
  13. Yanks really trying to build the most complete team in MLB history. Getting Hader gives them the best bullpen in the bigs, to join the best lineup in the bigs, and they have a top rotation now as well. Goddamn.
  14. Agree with everything you said. And ending up with a rotation like that would be ideal. I keep seeing they want to get Kluber, and I'm for it, but what are the Indians asking in return?