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  1. You don't bring in a guy like Fournette with questionable character if you don't plan to utilize him heavily. Brady's weapons are now insane. This is a FAR BETTER situation for Fournette to produce than Jacksonville. Expecting a big uptick in TDs as well.
  2. Houston would be a fantastic landing spot for Fournette, but moving David Johnson to the bench would make Bill O'Brien look even worse for trading D Hopkins for D Johnson... so it's unlikely to happen, imo.
  3. Best case scenario for Fournette: Tampa Bay, Chicago Worst case scenario: Washington, NY Jets, Miami
  4. I'd bench Keenan Allen for Conley - dude has under-performed all year! With the OC fired, MAYBE he gets some more looks with the new OC, but no one knows. I think Conley eats today with Dede out and Houston's pass rush weakened with JJ Watt out. Keenan Allen has the big name, but just hasn't delivered the goods.
  5. Sanders. I think Miles Sanders has a big upside - broke out last week and is ready to rumble. I don't like Jordan Howard's style against Chicago's defensive front. Sanders offers more run/pass versatility. Miller has a super low floor and McCoy is used in spurts... Depending on your matchup in your league, if you need a big game to have a chance, Sanders. If you are heavily favored, then I'd consider McCoy just for the higher floor. Even matchup, I'd go with Sanders.
  6. Gordon and Ekeler - diversify yourself against a very friendly GB run defense
  7. Samuels 10 times out of 10. Easy choice for me with James Conner and Snell both out and the Steelers' QB situation so ugly.
  8. I like Conley. Conley's role has been growing (7 targets in each of last two games) - and a bigger share opportunity today than last two weeks with Dede Westbrook out.
  9. Standard league Austin Ekeler in a who-knows-what time share against attractive Green Bay defense OR Carlos Hyde against Jacksonville in London. Houston's O-line is weak and Houston's defense is very weak without Watt and key secondary pieces. Game flow pointing me towards Ekeler (play from behind, pass). Hyde only thrives when Houston stakes out a lead and looks to sit on it. Will help big league in return
  10. Gordon has the game breaking "take it to the house" speed and ability. He's capable of an 80-yard run or catch-and-run. Ekeler is a solid runner but has a ceiling on his yards for any given run or catch because he doesn't have game breaking speed. I see the carries as 60/40 for Ekeler tomorrow. Goal line work is an unknown, but apart from one fumble, Ekeler has done a nice job in the red zone. I think Ekeler will also get the lion's share of third down work and will also line up at receiver a handful of times. I'm starting Ekeler.
  11. You are giving him waaaaay too much credit, and really laboring to try to come up with a spin to make him look good. He wanted attention, he acted like a baby, he got slapped down in truly unprecedented fashion, causing him to lose $30 million guaranteed... and somehow this was the master plan? Or he's just a buffoon. Yeah, I'll go with the simpler solution - he's a buffoon. I hope he turns things around.
  12. Right, if you think he was being genuine, which I don't. He's just trying to save face after looking like a complete buffoon. I hope he can get his head right.
  13. Agreed, except for that little thing about losing $20 million guaranteed.
  14. I think the opposite is far more likely to occur. They'll give the young guys experience and see what they can do if the team is out of contention.
  15. Melvin Gordon's agent, Damarius Bilbo, should be fired by everyone he represents. He totally overplayed his hand here and now his client is going to get far less than $10mm/year -- additionally, his client won't get as much money in 2019 if/when he skips games. Bilbo was already disciplined by the Players Union once for depositing Jarvis Landry's money into his own account. Why do pro athletes continue to hire people like this?!