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  1. Give this man an email. The real salary dynasty league he runs is fantastic. Needs a couple more involved owners. You’ll be the man NFHL09@gmail.com
  2. danbrooks33@icloud.com Send me an email whenever if a spot opens up
  3. Looking for a replacement for a Fantasy keeper league. 15 keepers. 23 man squad. Your team is in full rebuild. Your team will not be any good at all really. So you’d have to be committed to the rebuild. You have made trades and acquired an extra first round pick next year. Free league on ESPN. Have to be on fb messenger and be active in adjusting line ups and keen to talk some smack with the others who are all up for it! Let me know
  4. http://games.espn.com/fba/clubhouse?leagueId=8328&teamId=5&seasonId=2018 Lead by Curry http://games.espn.com/fba/clubhouse?leagueId=8328&teamId=6&seasonId=2018 lead by IT
  5. Hey guys. Looking for VERY ACTIVE owners x3. 6team 30man squad. Keepers as many as you like. 5th year running. too much owner turnover last year has led me to here to find committed owners. Draft was done in July as we do every year and since then 3 guys have left. We have just decided to transfer to ESPN from previous years at YAHOO. Roto points system. 22start, 8 bench and 3IR. Facebook would be good to have to discuss trades on messenger. That's the whole fun of it-making trades If Yu are keen then please drop your email and show your interest in your replies I will show you available teams then. free league. But don't join if you aren't going to be in it for the looooong haul
  6. How is the draft organised pick wise? That team is in full rebuild lol. Just want to know what picks it has or what potential picks it will have
  7. Absolutely agree. Brown will be behind Tatum before u know it
  8. I'm not going to create a list. But second year guys like Ingram and Murray are going to have bigger roles. Ingram will be a focus of scoring on the wings for the Lakers. Murray will be the man to run the point Inn denver so I'd suspect to see increases all over the board. Buddy will have a another season like his Sacramento season(meaning his 15 ppg or so for Kings will be the same or slightly higher). W. Hernangomez should be the main man In NY. He's a per minute beast on the boards. If he can get 28 then he'll average a DD. Bembry and Prince have the potential to be studs. Bembry should start over Bazemore. He's better defensively and Bazemore is just awful. Prince will start your imagine, and he is a great defender but I don't see substantial offensive numbers. Brogdon probably won't improve significantly either. he may start, don't expect crazy increases though. LeVert is the biggest smokey. He's on a team where, if they had any sense, they'd give it to the young guys to lead the way. LeVert is long, athletic, can shoot anything. He shouldn't be waiver wire eligible. If he's still there mid-late rounds grab him. Maker is not going to stand out this year. fullstop. Careful with simmons. Still hasn't played, wouldn't be too high in him. Rookies Ball and Smith Jr. probably have biggest immediate impact. Fultz will score but may not be efficient and don't think he'll provide a huge amount of other stats. Tatum(really hope he starts) is going to be the best player in 5 years from this draft. Avoid Fox as may not have any impact for a couple years. Jackson will be inefficient from the field. John Collins and Mitchell are next best past Ball fultz and Tatum. Late fliers are those like Allen(NETS), Justin Jackson, Dillon Brooks and Sindarius Thornwell.