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  1. I think you're overestimating Rivers this past year and underestimating Stafford. Stafford has had some injuries over the last couple years so that's a bit of a concern but if he's healthy it's a pretty significant upgrade from 2020 Rivers.
  2. Yeah they need to add some at least some playmakers including at least one stud wr prob more but could do it. Also 8 or 9 guys opted out b/c of COVID. And they won 7 games with a QB who was unable to complete a 20 yard pass.
  3. Yeah didn’t even cross my mind that to kick was an option. Maybe math says kick but not with Aaron Rodgers as your QB, not playing against Brady and not in the NFC championship game.
  4. James White next year should be able to get him for nothing
  5. Some good fits but Indy really is perfect one
  6. He had broken bones in his back in 2019, supposedly was completely healed, obviously back injuries always something to have some concern about but his injuries in 2020 were not back related.
  7. Ah ok those are pretty good odds then for the house, he stays with Houston and everyone loses
  8. He may have played a lot of snaps don’t remember but was playing injured
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