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  1. Drafting fresh rosters this season. Need 1 manager. Here are the league details: - $150 annual entry fee - 10 team league - 22 man rosters, plus 5 IR - Head-to-Head matchups - Weekly lineups - 6 team playoff / 6 team payout - Weekly bonuses given to top 3 scoring teams - Total points scoring system - Serpentine draft - Yahoo site - Keep 6 players each year to carry over to next season Please email me at nhlhockeylife@hotmail dot com if interested. Thanks!
  2. Money is paid through PayPal. I have a 100% payment fulfillment record since 1998, and give full contact information for all league members so references can be made and give you comfort before any money is exchanged.
  3. I should have clarified on the original post that the league is going from 12 teams to 10 this season per league vote, and to make it fair for all new teams we are resetting all rosters for all teams and drafting fresh starting in 2019/20. The first year of keepers will begin during the next offseason. So you will not have to worry about taking over an existing team when you join the league. You can draft your own squad!
  4. Looking for 2 managers to fill open managerial positions. We are in our 10th season. Here is a quick summary of the league: - $150 Annual Entry - 10 Team League - 22 Man Rosters, Plus 5 IR - Head-To-Head Matchups - Weekly Lineups - 6 Team Playoff/6 Team Payout - Total Team Points Scoring System - Weekly Scoring Bonuses - Serpentine Draft - Yahoo Site - Keep 6 Players Each Year to Carry Over to Next Season Please email me at nhlhockeylife@hotmail dot com if interested. Thanks!