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  1. Didn't watch him in college, but on this level he doesn't look like anything special at this moment. He was supposed to possibly be the best WR prospect yet you can probably name a dozen rookie receivers who are showing more than him so far. I've only seen a little bit of him but he doesn't stand out watching him against NFL corners, other than that TD catch. Maybe he and Lock figure it out as Lock is basically just starting his season at this point. But I'm done waiting around to see what happens. Dropped him and rewarded myself with a small bag of chips.
  2. Shower narrative huh. Well that's a different type of chemistry.
  3. Would be a way to further cement Houston's sentiment of not giving a damn about keeping Watson happy. Get rid of all his weapons why don't you. But yeah I don't think this is good for Fuller for fantasy. Midseason WR moves sound good on paper but I doubt he acclimates to getting to the level he's playing at in Houston this season.
  4. Certainly a chance. I don't see how it's not worth a shot if you have space and are in need of RB help. Don't like him with Mostert up, but with no Mostert I like his chances of getting the majority of the work.
  5. The Cardinals utilized him that particular way given that they had Drake to do most of the work. Now that that work needs to be replaced do they benefit more from Edmonds taking a significant portion of it or giving it to a rookie who has barely seen action and doesn't appear to be a world beater. And is there that much of an elevated injury risk from increasing his work load. He may appear small but he's built a lot sturdier given his weight and height than he looks. It just doesn't make sense to me to say Edmonds was being used perfectly when Drake was around therefore that is likely to continue now because he can't handle any more work, with the insinuation that the Cardinals are more likely to give Drake's work to someone who likely won't benefit the team as much from getting it.
  6. Anybody pay attention to him in college and have an opinion? He isn't that impressive in that 3 minute highlight video so I'm not seeing any reason to get excited. Is anybody actually picking him up in standard leagues? Not sure I even want to make a drop for him in my 14 team league. I'm not sure what the banger role will even be worth in Arizona if it's in a limited capacity with Edmonds getting most of the work. I feel like the best shot at value is potential Edmonds injury before Drake gets healthy.
  7. The catch counts. Notice that the penalty walked back the yards from the spot of the foul. Penalty had nothing to do with making the catch happen. It counted, as did the yards to the point of the foul. So yeah to the guy who wins with that catch you should be good and it should stand.
  8. Hope this is the right take. I want to believe. It would also explain why Adams seemed to have it so easy today.
  9. OH. I got you now. Didn't understand what you were seeing thinking he was saying 20-21 interceptions, but I didn't realize you read it as 20/21 (TDs/Ints). But yeah Burrow is balling out. Crazy what he's doing behind that patchwork line.
  10. He said he's on pace for that many TDs. Also why he said hopefully he builds on that number.
  11. I dunno. I understand the collection of talent Brady is now working with, but let's look at the Packers game. One of the best offenses in the league, the defense had their way with them and Brady did not have to do much. That is a concern regardless of whatever upgrade Brown brings to the passing game, along with Ronald Jones looking effective these days. Brady is not going to be better than Mahomes, Allen, Wilson, Rodgers, Murray, probably not Watson with how he's looking with O'Brien gone, perhaps not Jackson if he can pick it up. Now that I actually look at a list of QBs maybe Brady is the best thing after this bunch potentially. Also have Tannehill and Herbert in that range. I still fear game script holding back his ceiling though.
  12. Also interesting that AB was under Arians for two years in Pittsburgh, granted this was before he took off. But he should have an idea of how a Bruce Arians system operates already.
  13. That was supposed to be this week. But it wasn't, so I'm rolling the dice again.
  14. Fibular fracture is closer to 6 weeks than 3-4. Just because IR allows you to come off after three weeks does not mean he will, nor does it make sense with how those injuries usually go. Week 10 after week 9 bye is most likely. Week 8 vs Dallas is optimistic. This week, I can't imagine him coming back unless he's a mutant. Edit: This is basically the opinion of Footballguys Dr. Jene Bramel.
  15. Patience. With how ugly the TE landscape is, and with the potential he's flashed, you have to hold what could be a top 5 TE from when he steps on the field healthy. If he plays a few games with Lock and isn't anything special, then you worry. But if you have him right now you are THIS close to getting him unleashed and finding out what the possibilities with him are. Easy hold, you're crazy if you drop.