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  1. Glad they had Ibaka starting and brought him off the bench until FVV came back, it seems it helped him stay comfortable in that bench role. Only one game with FVV but so far so good.
  2. Nah. As someone who has both I'm more excited to have Huerter still. He has his duds once in awhile but I wouldn't panic yet.
  3. The face you make every time he throws an assist to Collins and you have both. It took a lot of patience owning these two guys but boy does the payoff feel great.
  4. 15/3/3/4/0 and a 3 pointer in 16 minutes of action? We'll take it, welcome back.
  5. A lot of the offense seems to be predicated on movement around the perimeter, guys continually rotating. When he passes it it often leads to someone else running a pick and roll or to the ball continuing to be swung around the perimeter. I won't pretend to know the nuances of the offense, but it seems fairly equal opportunity aside from Mitchell getting more opportunity to work. It does seem like Ingles gets quite a few hockey assists, though that does nothing for us obviously.
  6. Hmm, I noticed the update around 9:45 EST (6:45 PST). The update was way before 1:30 am EST, so it's weird if it wasn't showing for you. Time stamp on the update is 2 PM yeah, it should've been there. If you mean some place you check that aggregates Roto news, perhaps they posted the update late. In any case it sucks that you weren't able to see the news in time.
  7. 12 team league, one IR slot, Collins on suspension killing a spot all season, Bledsoe in the IR spot, a couple other guys on and off injury list also killing active spots, and I need to start winning now sitting in the seventh spot. It doesn't take a super shallow league to drop Conley with how poorly he's played so far and with the prospects not necessarily looking amazing for him in this system. It could be something I come to regret but I'm tired of having bench spots tied up by injured players, particularly one who has been a relative bust and is not playing well in a new role. Sorry to digress in an Ingles thread, but yeah, love what I'm seeing from him and I think he can hold value if O'Neale comes off the bench, but I think they might want more punch from the bench and may have Ingles do his Ginobili thing. But like others have mentioned he plays like a different man as a starter, and perhaps the coaches will realize that.
  8. 5-5 including 4-4 from 3 in the first quarter? Wow, stud. Felt weird dropping Conley for him but not looking back and hoping he stays in the starting lineup even when Conley is back.
  9. Grief it feels good to have holding this guy pay off. I don't know what the future holds between injury risk, trade possibility and potential youth movement, but as long as he gets his minutes like this he's semi studly across the stat sheet even in limited minutes.
  10. Not laughing at you in a negative way, just reading that he could be picked up from waivers and seeing that smiley face made me laugh out loud. In a six man league I suppose circumstances are completely different from normal. Still find it strange he wasn't drafted though as I feel like I got him in the fourth round.
  11. Yeah this is pretty much it. Not that we don't get excited seeing it every time but I guess there's no need to discuss it when it's just what he does.
  12. Scared me looking at his stats though the first half. Glad he caught fire with those threes in the second half. He won't get the shooting volume with Collins and Hunter firing away like this, but hopefully that just sets him up for more assists and higher quality shots with better spacing and defensive attention being focused on guys other than just Young. Love that he can give you stats in ANY category at any given time.
  13. Just emphasizing what I already stated in the OP and you reiterated. They had so many injuries they had to sign him because they have nobody worth playing. Basically all the stars aligned with it also being against the Knicks. BUT you can't ignore the production, and thus I thought a discussion thread was worth opening. That's all.
  14. Hachimura, Bertans, Wagner, etc, even if not all the same position. This is the biggest caveat obviously, that the Wizards just have nobody else to play at the moment.
  15. Anybody watching this? Fresh off being signed has a double double/5x5x5x5. 10/11/5/5 with a few minutes to go, and he's still out there. The Glove is back? (Lot of bodies out and thus his being able to get 30 minutes this game, but with this performance who knows what to expect going forward?) Edit: Sorry, people might not even know what team he's with. He's with the Wizards facing the Knicks this game.