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  1. Makes the haul for the Hopkins trade look that much more ridiculous.
  2. Yeah when I was looking over the Texans subreddit I saw people talking about Hopkins' discontentment. Perhaps the Texans felt they needed to make the move and this was the best they could get, but I still have a hard time buying it. I also buy that there are certain teams you absolutely do not trade him to, so perhaps that makes it harder to find a good deal. I haven't taken the time to analyze every scenario out there for Hopkins, but I just refuse to believe they couldn't have figured out a better outcome than this one, regardless of whether they trade him or not.
  3. Do you not feel like they could've gotten a better deal if this was the case? This isn't an AB situation where it's clear you have to dump the player (and one without the baggage that AB brings) and teams are going to low ball you. It's not that the Texans parted with Hopkins, it's that it is pretty much the consensus that they did not get back fair value for him.
  4. If this is how it ends I think you have to split amongst playoff teams. Anybody who had zero chance of getting in wasn't getting money back anyway regardless. But if the standings are tight that can obviously complicate things, in which case maybe you divide amongst the eligible teams. In my league I'm in sixth, one game ahead of seventh, and even though it's pretty clear I am going to get in based on the matchup I'm probably going to split our share and just get entry fee back, other five get double entry (12 team league).
  5. I mean it's hard to tell which version you'll get. Will he take less than 10 shots like the three previous games? You at least know the upside is worth rostering and he's usually delivering on the mid to high end of that upside. Points in the teens with a double double, some threes, steals. Depends on what you need and if you believe he can be consistently assertive.
  6. Garbage, but he hasn't had anything resembling a game like this yet. He's too good of a shooter to not bounce back from this.
  7. Did just enough to justify giving him more time on the roster, especially with three more games this week. Not sure how much confidence I have in his rebounding at this point, but at least he's trending up slightly overall, and the coach seemed to save his minutes to make sure he was able to close out the game without playing too long.
  8. Complete line tonight. Looks like the key to 100% Hayward unlock is Brown being out. Hope he takes his time.
  9. That's not gonna cut it. Way too polite. You gotta motivate him the usual way man.
  10. Really like this guy's game. Takes man to man defense seriously, has good vision when he's running point, hustles on offense to find open spots when DeRozan is running point (and DeRozan has been finding him), just had a nice put back dunk cutting to the basket at the perfect time. Take your time Murray. Edit: Just played Doncic perfectly on a drive straight at him, swiped down and smacked the ball out of his hands and got called for his third foul, Pop challenged and it was overturned. I'm actually wondering why the overturn didn't result in White getting credited for a third block because that was a clear layup attempt.
  11. Lol, already has a block. Glad this game is on TV so we can see what we're working with.
  12. Either give Frank the minutes or don't. They gotta stop this back and forth stuff after three games of Payton getting his regular minutes. Fantasy aside I don't see how the inconsistency helps with the psyche of either player.
  13. He's been great for steals and threes, not a huge liability in any regard. You can give WCJ one more chance tonight to see if he gets it going before dropping, but as someone who has both Crowder is a more valuable asset to my team.
  14. Yeah, I think he could be a good end of bench 12 teamer. Considering picking up for the likes of WCJ if he keeps scrubbing it up. He's certainly proving to be a lot more dependable than some of the regulars, and his FG% is really alluring.
  15. Eh, you might get a fall off in threes but you may not regret it too much overall. White has been doing well WITH Murray there and will hopefully get a boost with him out. And yeah, those out of position blocks are crazy. Shake does give you the steals but White is giving you crazy blocks.