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  1. Had nothing to do with that....in fact, I would argue the opposite. Kittle gutted through a knee injury for the 2nd half. If it were about the money he would have stayed in the locker room...niners were down both starting wrs and Arizona pretty much said that if we lose it's going to be due to K.Bourne, T.Taylor, and D.Pettis. Kittle was doubled and bracketed pretty consistently. Obviously, the knee injury that occurred on the last play of the first half had something to do with the zero catches.
  2. First JT touch almost went to the house
  3. mack just limped off with an ankle injury...JT time
  4. Dustin May Jose Urquidy Carter Keiboom
  5. In this format I would suggest the top 2 teams get a bye week 14...seeds 3-6 play with the top 2 scorers advancing. Week 15 the remaining 4 team play with the top 2 advancing to play h2h for the championship week 16.
  6. What's Kupps value looking like in dynasty leagues? Just a month ago his arrow was pointing up but things have quickly fallen apart in LA.
  7. Mclaurin had a 65 yard catch negated by penalty.
  8. Big play TD bonus league Pick 2: T.Mcluarin vs NYJ plus matchup but bad qb W.Fuller @ Bal if healthy he is big play guy in shootout type game M.Williams vs KC blowup game looming...might be playing catchup D.Samuels vs Ari looks like no Kittle and no Sanders. Ari sold out to stop the run which means Deebo could get fed
  9. Which Titan WR would you rather have rest off season?
  10. D.Johnson seemed to walk off gingerly after his 1 carry... not a good feeling with this situation today
  11. Damian Williams: 2014 3.4 ypc (Mia) 2015 3.7 ypc (Mia) 2016 3.3 ypc (Mia) 2017 3.9 ypc (Mia) 2018 5.1 ypc (KC) I posted more in the McCoy thread but the point is I am pulling back on DWill but I'm not totally out....with the exception of a few rare guys (see Saquan Barkley) , RBs are generally a product of their system/team. There is no better system than KC right now. But considering DWill was a JAG prior to his tenure in KC I am concerned that he is easily expendable if something were to negatively happen (injury, fumbles, McCoy shines, Thompson looks good). I still want a few shares because if he does end up being the guy, that team is just too explosive, to avoid taking a chance. I would feel better if I was able to pair DWill and McCoy and see how the situation plays out.
  12. Damian Williams: 2014 3.4 ypc (Mia) 2015 3.7 ypc (Mia) 2016 3.3 ypc (Mia) 2017 3.9 ypc (Mia) 2018 5.1 ypc (KC) D.Williams is the definition of a JAG. It really shows how important the team/system is for a RB in the NFL. Prior to last season McCoy has never had a 3 ypc season. But let's not forget they had a decimated oline and a rookie qb. McCoy has had 3 seasons in which he finished with 5 ypc and was basically a whole yard per carry above the previous year. Yes at 31 he is getting towards the end, but at McCoys current price....with his game breaking skill set paired with an explosive offense and Andy Reids ability to expose mismatches..I'm in