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  1. I think it’s more likely they put AT their known stud wr in a position to succeed than a rookie.
  2. Man so talented coming out of college and looked pretty good pre injuries on the bills too. After week 1 last year, I thought he might be back. At this point, I’m not sure he’s fantasy relevant and the talk of aliens and teleporting is pretty concerning
  3. Gonna ignore the ridiculous Jefferson comment bc that’ll derail the theilen convo I would argue the guys who win with technique as opposed to athleticism are less likely to fall off. You don’t really lose skills with age like you do with muscle performance. But either way, I don’t consider 30 to be old for a wr. There’s data suggesting that’s a material age for rbs, im not aware of any stats suggesting 30 is a key age for wrs as well.
  4. Now that they traded eman san, Kittle is pretty much the only route runner on the team. Deebo and Brandon look like rbs playing WR
  5. I guess I would need to see some stats on this. Theilen himself has a wr1 finish previously and wasn’t a sexy pick then either. Robert woods is another that comes to mind. Does this also hold true for non sexy picks whose team just traded away his main competitor for targets? If you’re scared of an injury fine, but baring thT I don’t see how he isn’t top 12. Basically jujus fantasy stock on steroids
  6. So the Vikings lose diggs and Adams adp remains what is was going into last season? He was great when healthy too. Seems like an easy wr1 in ppr that’s flying under the radar bc he isn’t as young and sexy as guys like Moore and sutton
  7. I feel like people are expecting a cmc style breakout sophomore season which just isn’t likely imo. But hey, if he gains 10 pounds of muscle like cmc did then I’ll be more of a believer. Sanders targets might also drop since Wentz has more weapons (that might stay healthy?). However, more overall touches are certain and I would expect him to continue to develop. The expectations just seem a little too lofty to me
  8. As a former DJ Truther, he looked legitimately bad last year. Lost a lot of speed/ quickness (possibly injury related?) and there’s multiple instances where he just chose the wrong hole to run through. The Texans offense retained Watson (for now) and is rb friendly outside of the OL, but I’m scared DJ has fizzled out
  9. Is there Atleast a way to mute or hide topics? The baiting here is ridiculous
  10. I am angry lol. The dudes been blackballed by the media since he entered the league. Every year there’s some new double standard for him. There’s nothing to discuss atm in regards to where he ends up. Everything out rn is just a rumor. Oh the pats don’t want him, well maybe they do! No one knows.
  11. I don’t see what was selfish about cams videos. Most athletes smoke and drink, but bc cam did so on camera it’s selfish? I don’t follow that logic. Brady has a new documentary coming out, that’s selfish?
  12. Cam first suffered a shoulder injury when KB gave up on a route, didn’t tackle the guy who picked the ball off, then cam chased the DB down and landed awkwardly on his shoulder. But yes, cam “couldn’t be less of a team player” You clearly aren’t immersed with The panthers or cam, yet bc you watched media segments from tv personalities feel qualified to speak on the subject. You know who couldn’t be a worse teammate? Big Ben. Comes right out and says fk mason rudolph. Meanwhile cam mentors Kyle Allen who was essentially in an internship to steal his job. Everything people say about cam is actually true of Ben but no one cares bc he’s got 2 rings. Cams 31 and has an injury prone label, Ben is 85, in much worse shape, and according to the media has never been injured and ready to take the Steelers back to the promised land!
  13. This is a prime example of what I’m talking about. What are you basing this on? You win a VIP trip to the panthers locker room for a week and experienced how selfish and a ****ty teammate he was? Oh I know, maybe it’s bc he worse a towel over his head as rookie! Cams teammates have constantly backed him him as a great teammate and leader and have done so even now when there’s no “need to kiss his a**”
  14. Hmmm. Just off the top of my head. 1. Devante Adams 2. Mr. cry’s on twitter all day 3. JJ 4. tyreek 5. nuk 6. Adam thielen 7. Obj 8. godwin 9. Evans (clearly hit harder by noodle arm Brady. Still the best wr on the team) 10. Dj moore 11. Golladay 12. Kupp 13. cooper 14. Sutton 15. Juju (Both he and his qb are coming off injuries but projects as target hog) 16. Arob (assumes foles wins the job) 17. Robert woods 18. Keenan Allen * note this post is more so for myself so I can come back to it in August