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  1. wtf happened to coleman? Fkin hell I could’ve played moestart if I knew coleman would be our! This is ridiculous
  2. Depends how you see the week going. Personally, I think Powell has a lower floor. So if you’re going for safety penny might be the choice. Powell plays a poor D but Gase is crazy and bell wasn’t even doing much in this offense
  3. Mack will most likely be td dependent and will see even less catches than normal with a broken hand. Laird does nothing as a runner but should see 4-6 catches. I would roll with him.
  4. .5 ppr. I’m also playing jack Doyle so a pascal Doyle stack against the Bucs could be great, but his 0/0 game 2 weeks back has me extremely nervous. I also heard Paris Campbell will be back for the colts. Mack- I don’t think I can play him with the injury and tough matchup. Curtis Samuel- arguably the safest option but relatively low ceiling due to poor qb play (so many would be deep tds lost from bad throws). He didn’t have a good game the first time against the falcons, but no Olsen should mean more targets. Please post a link link to your thread so I can respond - before 1. Thanks in advance!
  5. Wow that’s not good to hear. Man this is a tough call. Bad matchup too
  6. Damn. I’ll really need engram this week but would much rather him sit and get healthy. 5-1 isn’t so bad
  7. Can someone explain why this guy missed 5 weeks with a 4 games suspension? Jets just sat him last week?
  8. Might take MG a week or two to get acclimated, but I would absolutely take that
  9. Thanks for the replies, I did make this trade last night. Impeccable timing
  10. Might be too late year but agree with others. Drop Murray for andrews. MVS deserves a roster spot, but your other WRs are better so no need to snag him
  11. Thoughts on this situation? Anyone word on Gordon’s return? Does he have to return by week 10?
  12. I have rb depth - Zeke mack and sanders. My qbs are cam and goof(Goff). I feel like the rational thing to do is to take the trade, but something tells me Gordon sits the whole year. Any advise is appreciated