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  1. Man, hat “highlight” video is nothing to get excited about. But maybe the opportunity is there.
  2. Considering this is a real person aside, for the sake of one of my fantasy teams, I hope so.
  3. I’ve got him in my flex spot for now over ARob, Kupp, J Williams, M Gordon and McKinnon in a half ppr league. Dont know if he will remain there though...
  4. Are we sure that wasn’t before the game? Would explain why he fell over for no reason when he had a wide open TD.
  5. So his floor is also his ceiling?!?!?
  6. Pretty much. Only receiving option I’d want in our O-fence is AT.
  7. Any reason to think 9’ers turn it around anytime soon? Anyone coming back from injuries? They hit waivers in a couple of my leagues.
  8. So is he a sneaky add over his bye week or is he bound to be a 1-3 catch kind of guy?
  9. Before this week, I sold Moore and Kelley for Golladay to the Ekeler owner.
  10. Welp, I suck. Don’t know how you guys post the fancy GIFs and keep them under 0.05MB Damn you TECHNOLOGY!
  11. He/Falcons seem determined to make sure this lingers all year.