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  1. I drafted him too but Have tempered expectations. A run heavy team with Deebo and Kittle doesn’t allow for a lot of opportunities.
  2. I wouldn’t throw him away for beans but if you can get Amari + a pick I would do it. Odell’s name still carries value. Odell didn’t show up to mini camps last year when he was just joining a new team/QB. He proceeded to have a down year. Then he did stupid stuff at the LSU game. I don’t trust his judgment and he apparently has never grown up. Would rather get out a year too early. What’s next; be freezes his feet?! Or has helmet issues?!
  3. Contemplating trading in dynasty. Turns 28 during next season and if you can get a younger WR w/ a pick I’d do it.
  4. We keep 20 players so I had to make a tough choice and keep Preston Williams. I think Coutee is a keeper in 25+ keeper leagues like yours.
  5. Is he worth holding in any dynasty leagues? The health issues in year 1 followed by being a healthy inactive multiple times this season makes very difficult to hold him despite his youth.
  6. He won’t fall past the first round. His usage, efficiency, and yards from scrimmage per game is close to the same just his TDs are down. A guy with 100 yards from scrimmage and 6+ catches per game can always be part of my roster.
  7. This is my feeling too. The split with Freeman and the lack of passing involvement is a big time concern. In his last 9 games he has 16 receptions for 45 yards. That’s 2.8 yards per catch with an average of 1.8 catches & 5 yards per game. He is only adding about 2 ppr points per game and playing 1/2 the snaps. You really are banking on a 20 carry-100+ yard-2 TD game and based on how the Lions have played the run recently that may not be as easy as you think.
  8. I hate mid week downgrades. Hope is back to full participation tomorrow.
  9. He is averaging nearly 97 scrimmage yards per game, 4.5 yards per carry, and over 6 catches per game. He has just had a bizarre year with Brees out for awhile, a High ankle sprain, and really bad luck with Taysom Hill/Josh Hill/insert role player TDs.
  10. Showed a lot of improvement this season and minimized the mistakes. Cannot be jaws week 15 or 16 but will be a good late round qb again next season and a is a hold in dynasty.
  11. Where were the checkdowns? Suddenly Eli was throwing down field.
  12. We are all getting punked; it is Sproles wearing Boston Scott’s uniform.