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  1. You just posted Monday’s estimated injury report (10/19). Today is 10/20 and be still didn’t practice. Tomorrow is their last practice of the week before the Thursday game.
  2. Was not activated and did not practice today.
  3. Saw on twitter that McLane said it during a radio interview. I am still putting a claim in for Goedert but not expecting to use him this week and consider him questionable at best next week before the bye.
  4. Jeff McClane of the Philly Inquire said Goedert is not playing this week.
  5. I don’t understand the usage. Brady attempts a handful of deep shots every week and not 1 could be to Evans?
  6. I want to drop. Had one good week in which no one started him.
  7. Baker’s pick 6 and a few rushing TDs early had this game out of hand really quick. Ben hardly threw the 2nd half.
  8. Brady prefers deep balls to Scotty Miller.
  9. This. Has anyone heard anything about his injury?
  10. Is the Florida weather bad enough to avoid Kickers like Prater/Crosby/Succop?
  11. It is alarming that he is not on the field in red zone or goal line packages.
  12. Now that he was elevated to the roster he could possibly be the handcuff to own.