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  1. Had Springer not missed so many games this season (like maybe 10 instead of 40), he would've had a case for AL MVP. Missing those games hurt fantasy owners some, but when he played he was as guys that cost you more $$/higher draft picks. Great season from Springer. Where do you take this guy next year? Second round?
  2. Anything Jameis gave you last night will be equaled or surpassed by likely multiple dudes on your waiver wire this week. He's a matchup streamer at best, which is what he's been for the last year and half.
  3. Not even close to the same thing. This isn't a one week reaction - this is who Jameis is. Every year he gets gassed up and every year he shows little to no improvement. He's the king of fantasy garbage time - if you play him you're basically hoping the game gets out of hand so he can pad the stats and make up for the likely multiple turnovers he's already put you in the hole with. Dating back to the start of 2018 he has as many multiple turnover games as he does multiple TD games. He'll probably do better than last week, seeing as how it couldn't be much worse, but I'm not holding my breath for ROS. He's streaming material at best once again this year, and there are a number of guys probably available in many leagues (Josh Allen, Derek Carr to name a few) that I prefer this week.
  4. They just barely pulled out a game in which they were 9.5 point favorites...
  5. Metcalf doesn't worry me. 2 targets in a close game does. He needs more volume to produce at higher level than he did last year (which was still pretty good, but not the jump most of us envisioned when we picked him). Concerned about his consistency going forward.
  6. Drafted Cam as my only QB in one of my leagues (similar story as others, he fell to the 14th round for me, felt like I had to scoop). I'm not cutting bait just yet but I did buy low on Baker Mayfield. Think you gotta at least start getting back up plans in order if you own this guy.
  7. For me I would go M. Brown, McLaurin (very close between those two) then J.Brown...then the other two. I actually think Marques fits perfectly with what the Ravens want to do on offense, I think he will get a lot of deep shots and Sunday was just the tip of the iceberg. However, McLaurin is already basically playing every snap and the WR1, so wouldn't blame you for going for him. I also think John Brown will be useful this year. The others are shots in the dark for me, and I wouldn't pick up unless you have extra dead weight to cut.
  8. I would, yes. Cooks is still in a great offense and was a borderline WR1 last year. Andrews was solid but so was Delanie. This is a good buy low/sell high move. I think Cooks will help you more ultimately, especially with the way the Vikings look to be dedicated to running the ball this year. Cooks might immediately be your WR2. I'd trade my backup TE for that in a heartbeat.
  9. I like Breida but yeah I would take that. Montgomery looked like the best back on the Bears. He will get more action as the season goes. Good buy low/sell high move here.
  10. I see you're new, but this is an Assistant Coach discussion forum question. Post it over there and I'd be happy to weigh in.
  11. Think you have to hold. At least until we know more. His value is in the basement right now. If he can come back healthy late in the season he's still a guy who can win you games in the playoffs. Yeah you have to make it there first, but hopefully you drafted well enough and work the wire enough to hold serve until he's back.
  12. I would drop him for any of the guys on that list. Add McLaurin as well. MVS is the guy you want to own outside of Adams. I think the best you can hope for is a weekly PPR WR3 floor option from Allison (and clearly his personal floor is the basement). Ask yourself - where are the points going to come from? He's not the big play guy - that's MVS. He's not the top redzone target - that's Adams and probably Graham ahead of him. He's not Rodgers favorite target, clearly, so as to pick up points as a compiler. Sure there will most likely be some "rising tide lifts all boats" weeks and the odd TD here and there - but probably hard to predict and doubtfully consistent. With how deep WR is and how many options likely on wires that could be something more I wouldn't hesitate to cut bait.
  13. This is just who this guy is at this point. If you play in a 2 QB you can justify keeping on your roster, otherwise no point. You're better off streaming. In real football, he's running out of chances to be an NFL starting QB. Highly likely he's a backup by this time next year if not earlier.
  14. If you think he's a no name that wouldn't start on another roster you must be consistently behind the curve. Not saying he's a world beater or anything. But they have more than just Adams.