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  1. Too many owners in fantasy this season gave up on him too soon. Definitely my waiver wire pick up of the year. Once Brees came back from his injury, Jared Cook has seen his season take off.
  2. Danny Dimes ends the game with his 5th TD pass. 3rd time this year over 4TD's passes in a game. Only 3rd rookie to ever do that. And..he didn't start 4 games this year. Something to think about for 2020.
  3. I like that move. Only thing that concerns me is the winds in Jersey. Outside of that, Eli will be throwing to Tate, Shep, Slayton and Barkley compared to Wentz throwing to just Ertz.
  4. Definitely a nice add for insurance. You never know what injuries may pop up at RB this week.
  5. That shootout is looking even better given that half of the SF defense will be missing the game.
  6. Wind predictions for the game seem to have come down to about 12-13 MPH. Both Parker and Wilson status remains up in the air and now with Jack Rabbit being waived by the Giants, this might be a nice sneaky play for injury ravaged rosters. [...]