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  1. If OP is referring to picking up Ertz, then yes. Anyone else, I would say no. I say that assuming that there can't be any TE on the wire that would be ranked that much higher than the next guy. So, I'll follow what everyone else is saying....whose available?
  2. People hoping the Steelers would cover must be going ballistic again lmao
  3. This is always the week where desperate teams looking to make a final push for the playoffs may drop someone valuable. For those of us with standard waivers that don't reset, it might be better to stand pat, climb up the priority list and wait to see who gets dropped.
  4. The Eagles offense outside of Goedert is putrid. They need as many weapons as possible. Their WR's aren't getting separation at all. There is enough to go around for both Ertz and Goedert. It sucks that you would have both, but both should be have value. This offense is missing Ertz. Also, the NFC East is still relatively up for grabs which means the Eagles still have incentive to get him back and use him ASAP.
  5. I heard that it got 8+ million viewers last year which is even more crazy. NBC said f--- that. This tree is making us money 😂🤣
  6. I don't understand why he is making so many excuses for Wentz. The WR's aren't the best but they are adequate. Riddick is making it seem like this offense has zero talent.
  7. Doug Pederson is an idiot. Wentz sucks. Eagles are trash. Period.
  8. He's actually electric. Terrible play-calling is killing him. Wentz is not the best offensive player. It's Sanders, but they don't feature him.
  9. This whole thing has become a joke. Everything about how the NFL is handling COVID doesn’t correlate to the science. If this week doesn’t convince folks, nothing will. The season will go on and nothing will get in the way.