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  1. Hey guys, I’ve been looking for the right dynasty league to join but couldn’t find one so I decided create one myself & give it a test run. Below is a quick rundown of the league. •1st season Free •Sleeper •12 Team •Half PPR / 6 point passing TD •22 player roster + 3 IR spots •qb, rb, rb, wr, wr, te, flex, flex, flex •Slow draft •FAAB •6 team playoff, top 4 teams (record wise) + next 2 highest scoring teams •3 Round Rookie Draft each season •FA Auction Draft each season •No trading during start up draft •Since the 1st season is free, only 1 year advance of draft pick trading •League vote at end of season to determine future buy in
  2. Hey guys if you can’t tell from the title I’m a big fan of video games & was hoping to find a themed league with other video game enthusiasts to connect with & compete with. I’m mainly looking for a 10-12 PPR league with not too crazy setup.
  3. I’m also interested, would like to get more info on the league.
  4. Hey guys I really want to join a committed league, I’ve had hopes of playing Dynasty the past 2 seasons but the leagues I joined just ended up falling apart. Hopefully you got a league with these criteria: $20-50 buy in, themed league, PPR, No IDP, 10-14 teams. MFL, Fleaflicker or Sleeper.
  5. This is all about taking the risk or playing it safe. I like Conner but no one knows what’s going to happen. Me personally I don’t think Bell will play. But like everyone else is saying, Chubb is easily the answer here since it’s the safer option.
  6. I’d probably try to send Tevin or Kerryon for a WR. Kerryon is a nice sell high right now
  7. I’d stick with Boyd, you said it yourself you wouldn’t use Wentz for 2 weeks. And as with Boyd I think he will bounce back, and he’ll be startable compared to Wentz
  8. Ertz was my top TE to target, but it looks like that team owner is inactive. Then I tried to trade for Kelce, offering Mack, Kerryon & Vance but that got declined. Let me tell you what Kelce team looks like: QB Brady, Ryan & Stafford WR Evans, Shepard, Benjamin, Beasley, Marshall & Matthews RB Buck, Barber, Wilkins TE Kelce I was surprised too since I told him to send a counter but nothing, he’s my opponent this week so I can’t wait to crush him. Sooo now this leads me to targeting Gronk. Should I try to trade for him? If so, what’s a respectable offer? 12 Team PPR. My team QB Mahomes WR Tyreek, Juju, Boyd, Kupp & Robinson RB Kamara, McCaffrey, Tevin, Mack, Kerryon & Clement TE Vance Gronk team QB Cousins, Mariota WR Obj, Baldwin, Ridley, Jackson & Grant RB Royce, Latavius, Henry & Lynch TE Gronk, Rudolph
  9. Ok so I’m in a 12 Team PPR league, I’m currently in 3rd place with a 5-2 record, I’m confident I have a pretty solid team but I just feel like I’ll be set with an upgrade at TE. So I need some advice on who to offer for which TE. (Thanks in advance) My team (5-2) qb Mahomes wr Tyreek, Juju, Kupp, Boyd, Robinson rb Kamara, McCaffrey, Tevin, Mack, Kerryon, Clement te Hooper team w/ Ertz (0-7) qb Rivers, Newton wr Keenan, Demaryius, Golladay, Brown, Jones jr rb Duke, Chubb, Riddick, Fournette team w/Kelce (1-6) qb Brady, Ryan, Stafford wr Mike, Sterling, Kelvin, Beasley, Marshall rb Buck, Barber, Wilkins, te Kelce team w/Gronk (2-5) qb Cousins, Mariota, wr Obj, Baldwin, Ridley, Jackson, Parker rb Royce, Latavius, Lynch, Henry te Gronk, Rudolph
  10. If it’s value you’re looking for I think you should be fine making this trade, otherwise your team is pretty solid.
  11. Kamara & McCaffrey!? You’re set! Like the answer before me, Bell might not come back. Original reports have said he may not be back until week 10, so that’s 7 weeks you get to use Connor compared to just stashing Bell, plus who knows the condition Bell would be in when he comes back. Thanks for your advice on my post