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  1. So let’s straighten this all up first of all. Obviously, everyone can jump in on the blame train and say what they want, but I should at the very least be given the opportunity to say my half. We can start at the beginning, league gets set up, quickly with ease, everything is good. Draft happens, people start evaluating their rosters, looking for trades, so on and so forth. I had the 3rd pick in the draft, the player I was targeting was Todd Gurley, Gurley however was first off the board to another team. While the draft chat is happening the team owner who selected Gurley made it clear he didn’t like the 1st pick of any draft. I expressed my interest right then and he said send all offers his way. Through multiple attempts to make a trade happen, finally I secured the trade when he accepted. The trade was Mike Evans and TY Hilton for Todd Gurley and just to even the trade as 2 for 2 Agholor was the other piece. I didn’t care for Agholor personally, he was just essentially an even it out piece and I chose him over others on his bench because he is a WR and I was giving up my 2nd and 3rd round picks which were both WRs. Anyway, the trade gets vetoed, ok kinda s---y. So I post about how it’s bull**** that it got vetoed because it’s not collusion, it’s not one sided, as all of us we’ll know because we’ll, we’re in a fantasy football forum, vetoing trades should only be for collusion, if you veto trades just because you don’t like what one team or another is getting, simply put you’re kind of a dick. This has been a long ongoing dispute in many leagues for years, and if anyone else was in my shoes they’d be upset, as was I. The other owner was pissed too, because as he mentioned if before the draft he could have traded draft picks and offered me his 1st for my 2nd and 3rd then nobody would bat an eye. He valued my two players more than he did his one, period. Anyway, after expressing my disdain and having people chime in how they agreed it was s---y it got vetoed, I decided maybe I got the point across and attempted the trade again, again it got vetoed. Then, I had a person quit the league? Ok? So, it’s not like I manually pushed the trade through as commissioner, nothing was harmed, nothing had changed and a person left the league. I’m sure I’ve been in leagues with some of you in the past as normally I do and run about 20 leagues a year, never had an issue like this, ever. So I have 11 teams now, what the hell am I supposed to do? I went to LEAGUESAFE cancelled the league and requested refunds for everyone, not believing that is idiotic because it’s not like LEAGUESAFE was just going to give me a check for all the buy ins? I simply said f--- it and deleted the league, I wasn’t going to try and find a replacement for a team that had already been drafted, I wasn’t going to have one team have a bye each week. It sucks, no s---, I wasn’t pleased, but I wasn’t dealing with being a team short in a 12 team league, just not worth the headache, in the end everyone gets their money back. Be pissed about the time you dedicated to it, the hassle, whatever, but I put more time in than anyone, I paid the same as everyone, I wasn’t going to go through the hassle of all of it, period. I don’t really care anymore, just kind of s---y I’m being accused of the crazy a** things when, I gained nothing from it, I didn’t get all the money or anything like yeah totally “scammed” people, what benefit did I get from this besides the headache of trying to put together legit leagues now and being harassed for basically throwing my hands up and saying f--- this. The reason services like LEAGUESAFE exist is to prevent people from ripping people off and if I’m an awful person for saying what everyone knows in my opinion of when to use a veto then so be it. I still will set leagues up, if you don’t want to join them that’s fine, but I in no way could scam anyone nor did I. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hey f***head I deleted the league and went to LEAGUESAFE to get the refunds I have the ******** emails to and from them and how the f--- that trade was questionable shows your idiocy
  3. If someone drops out of the league by they’re crying about a trade, I’m not gonna f--- w a league with 11 teams, when I went to LEAGUESAFE and got your refund. I simply said f--- it deleted it and everyone gets there $ back and doesn’t have to deal with being a member short
  5. ESPN $50 league safe buy in PPR DUAL FLEX 12 team snake draft tonight 10EST leave email...
  6. 12 team dual flex ppr $50 LEAGUESAFE tonight on ESPN 10pm EST, LEAVE EMAIL IF YOU WANT IN
  7. Sent now everyone just needs to pay I’ll check and see who has and hasn’t and if it’s not paid then I’ll send replacements emails left after this will get invites if ppl don’t pay just be sure u can pay ASAP
  8. Team 8will join right now I have invites out for the other 2 I’m going to start replacing if they’re not joined by the time I get another email
  9. We need one more, then if anyone doesn’t pay I can take replacements