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  1. On pace for 1,445 receiving yards and people are complaining. SMH.
  2. Dumb trolls. Go to the Lat Murray thread.
  3. Before Gordon is a poor decision but let's not act like anyone knew Thomas would start this hot.
  4. It's not a cramp but if he's doing drills on the side he's fine. It's not a long term injury. Just annoying when they face Suckallo.
  5. Guys get hurt all the time and have excellent careers, a la Frank Gore and more recently Keenan Allen. You guys are way too early to start dinging his career because of his injury history to date. Guy came back strong from a torn ACL last season. ACL injuries can be impossible to avoid. At this point all he has done is overcome. How often do you get a full 16 games out of a player these days, and especially RBs. Cook will be alright. Don't start judging just yet because he hasn't been a stud when the offense is firing on all cylinders in the passing game. R. E. L. A. X.
  6. Yeah because your earning potential is over his base contract, let alone a future contract worth more.
  7. Here is the bottom line. Julio fell to where he did because he relatively just does not fulfill top 5 WR upside in the TD department. OBJ has always performed well in both yardage and TD numbers. That's why he's projected as high or higher than Julio. Although we can't always utilize past season numbers to project future numbers that's essentially what projections in fantasy football is. Sure there are variables that could impact the numbers both directions but that's why we have ADP. To sit here and prematurely wonder if OBJ is going to fall off the map is quite ridiculous after one sub-par game. If we've learned nothing less in fantasy football I think we've learned to not overreact in the first several games of the season. That type of overreaction is what loses fantasy football leagues more than anything. I mean for crying out loud he had 11 catches week 1. Sit back and enjoy owning one of the best talents we've ever seen at WR.
  8. Bold bet there after each of them just had career fantasy games.
  9. At the end of the day he came back on really short notice and with very limited time to practice. Gordon owners, myself included, were fortunate to get the TD this week. I do think we should temper expectations over the next couple of weeks but there's no reason he can't be a flex moving forward until he hits stride with his teammates. I do think we underestimate how important time in the huddle with the starting QB is. I'm starting to think Gordon is a WR2 overall this year but will have several weeks as a WR1 and could come on at the end of the season to be a league winner. Caveat he does face Denver/Baltimore towards the end of season. I just hope as a fourth round pick he's closer to the WR12 than the WR 24. Also I think I'm already having trust issues with Tyrod Taylor although the offensive line played pretty well in pass protection.
  10. At one point in the game the carry split was like 80%/20%. Murray only got work at the very end to run out time. Now where are all the morons who were worried about Murray? Crickets per usual.
  11. I agree and all picks in the first several rounds should be starting. I haven't seen Cook fall past a third so he should be rolled out. I also think that we take preseason into account way too much. You can get a few tidbits but coaches intentionally hide game strategy and personnel.