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  1. Halfway through the season and it's happened so many
  2. My favorite vents are always the I quit ones....they always hit closest to home.
  3. Lol zinger! Huge fail, but in a way it reached comedy on another level I think
  4. Lol l I know. I need a tutorial from Beatle
  5. Was this close to pressing accept on a trade for MT. Bullet dodged but holy **** that was a close one.
  6. Ditto...Wentz wants to play hero ball....Scotts been open plenty in space, not even a glance
  7. Didn't say it would or does work out. I get you.... and I also don't agree with what's happening to Fitz....but it does seem like the guy's giving his best effort to an org that's ready to deal him for something good. I mean, NFL teams trading mid season is nothing new, whether it works out or not.
  8. This 100% makes the most sense now different than working a trade in fantasy. They're trying to go off on a high note with him, they showed cased him still putting up good numbers, they know Tua is the future, and now they're trying to deal him to the highest bidder. I bet Dallas would kill to have his production right now.
  9. It is so hard to find a set and forget WR2 this early in the season but I think we've finally arrived on one. That TD where he was being tackled at the gl, barrell rolled over the defender, and had the presence of mind and effort to stick the ball out backwards over the plane was so impressive. Looked like a seasoned veteran on that play. Guy is born playmaker and so much fun to watch.
  10. I get you...tonight has to be a bit of an outlier though. And even then, if they just give him that gl carry instead of multiple fades from Dalton, he finishes the absolute worst of games with a decent statline.
  11. With the exception of a couple weeks, the schedule is still really nice. If he shakes off the fumbles, eats his humble pie, and holds onto the ball, we should still get enough out of him to keep our teams competitive.
  12. Rams D as well...thought that game was hard to watch...tonight took it to another level