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  1. Agree for sure that he shouldn't be usurped as the starter..he is very good when hes rolling...but disagree on the injury front. Guy will be a ticking time bomb to whoever drafts him too early. I dumped him (albeit irrationally) and emotionally after that TNF dud. But he did torpedo the team that picked him up immediately with another injury aided dud and killed them around ff playoff time.. Kinda like Cook this year..if you avoid him and he finally delivers, oh well so be it, you only followed the trend and solid data available to you. But if you draft him with his habitual history of leaving you high and dry and he leaves you high and dry.......hard to not kick yourself there.
  2. So after spending more than half the season managing Gurleys workload, LAR rolls him out there, along with all other starters, in a game that matters not. Makes sense.
  3. Not sure about that one..closest thing I can think of if I were trying to do this is to just create a private contest on one of the dfs sites. Of course the downsides are getting everyone on board with signing up and then there's FanDuel or whoever taking their small piece of the pie too...running your own, abbreviated playoff season manually with spreadsheets, old school style might be better but more time consuming.
  4. I can agree on some level with the narrative that the guy may just be bad to mediocre, hence 3rd string gotta think that had he gotten any where near Dalvin's typical touches, he wouldve produced decent flex numbers yesterday. 8-10 points is well within reach for any back with a pulse getting that kind of workload.
  5. Jesus guy, was only half joking and venting a little. Wasn't looking for life lessons in the game thread.
  6. Yeah but weirdly at the same time.. no..need a break from this nonsense. It's been next level vomit inducing at times this year.
  7. Wish Naggy coached the Cowboys.. we'd at least have half a chance of seeing him getting canned midgame. Broke my own rule of starting a bear, that's on me...might just hire a midget to punch me in the sack next year if I try to draft any bear, Patriot, or chiefs RB...seems like the only way I'll ever avoid this same disaster year after year.
  8. Sooo Wilson is the problem. Mmmk got it, thanks dude.
  9. Kitchens giving the giant middle finger to everyone on the way out. Good riddance you ahole...never seen so many throws from 1st and goal.
  10. 2019. The season of soft azz players and soft azz hammies...wft was this even a thing 10 years ago? Can't recall so many guys bowing out @ the first sign of pain.
  11. Hope he falls off a cliff between now and next year. Doesn't belong in the NFL if he can't string together 3 consecutive games without hitting the exit.
  12. Guy won't run, which makes him = to Dalton and the like...he may have been a little gimpy today but I'm even suspect of that too..seemed like he started hamming up the injury the worse the game got. Only saw him reach for the ankle after an over/under throw...And even if he was gimpy, he hasn't used his legs near enough all year. F---ng done with this ride..will overpay for Lamar or Mahomes next year and move on.
  13. This game should've been Monday...crushing so many hopes and dreams right off the bat.