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  1. No Chase Edmonds 🤔 Otherwise, I dig the list.
  2. Kenyan Drake. He's the only player of the ones listed that costed high draft capital.
  3. Sad for the person Hopefully he can still secure a bag, he might not have deserved the steep price he wanted, but he certainly deserved an extension
  4. 100% agree. Chase does have a stronger chance than most backup RB's in the NFL to take the starting role though.
  5. Lol, +1 for all the points you made. Also wanted to dogpile on top of that by adding in that besides blocking a potential play for your opponent, obvious trade potential to a starved owner.
  6. I just wanted to congratulate and thank you for using that word correctly instead of throwing out 'theory,' something that's irked me over the years here. On topic, one Cardinals back is trending up, while the other is trending down. You don't let go of Edmonds for whatever reason now, he's a potential league winner and there's always going to be someone more disposable than that.
  7. Disagree 100%. Everyone wants Kelley, and for good reason. If they didn't get him, they want to believe Jackson is the one you want 🤣
  8. These kind of comments are always super weak, and irrelevant. You don't know what size league or format any poster is playing in.
  9. It's gonna feel so good to rage drop this guy
  10. What bad could possibly happen when you throw your knees into you hands? 🤦‍♂️