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  1. 7th round? you are out of your mind
  2. Thought he looked good last year, and it was the Rams and the usage that looked bad. If he's falling i'll be glad to catch him.
  3. What a trip. Is this a well known thing about him? Some rich trust fund kid. I don't follow college ball too closely.
  4. Just wanted to check out his career stats on PFR (waste of time, i know), stumbled across his full name. WTF?!
  5. Le'Veon Bell does this all the time and he's labeled as a 'patient runner.' Okay, so he couldn't hit or find a hole this time, k. People are putting too much on this single clip that keeps circulating.
  6. Hyde's gone. Gotta move David Johnson up the draft boards.
  7. Love it, he's a dog. On 3rd and 4, he wont be stopped. I don't care who's throwing the rock in Tennessee, I want shares even at a steep price this year before he becomes a round 1-2 pick
  8. AJ Brown is going to be a superstar.
  9. I'd hope any NFL QB could have elite accuracy when they average passes around 6 yards 🤣 Carr's nothing special.
  10. I'm really excited and may overpay on CEH come draft day. If given the opportunity, I think he'll make more of a splash than Hunt did. I call the hard on... Covid-69
  11. Kamara..? Its funny if someone considers D-Will a better route runner than Kamara
  12. Probably one of the dumbest things i've read on here in a long time.
  13. LOL. According to what? He plays in the best offense in the NFL, and averaged 7 ypr in his time there. Any great back would average more.
  14. He is not a special receiver at all. 8 y/r over the course of his career is pretty average for a RB. Might even be well below average for only having 138 receptions. Melvin Gordon has 8.4 y/r on 224 reception. CMC 8.3 over 303. DWill is a JAG who plays in Reid's system.