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  1. Had him on my bench for Fuller... Glad he appears to be back though! Solid Flex ROS
  2. I've also got Mixon, Jones, DFreeman, and Hyde as my RBs (I know, ugh). Not a groundbreaking trade but wondering if Michel's ROS outlook is better than Coleman's? Thoughts?
  3. Offensive line/playing calling is utter garbage and such a waste for a talented back like Mixon. At times last night you could see how frustrated he was with the calls, Dalton barely had any time to throw either. AJG coming back won't change the direction of this team unfortunately.
  4. He sure does run like he's a mermaid, or a wet sponge..
  5. Maybe he hit return to early on his tweet and he actually meant to tweet... @jalenramsey let's go out for some Za next time your in town, score some bud or @jalenramsey let's go hang out at my baby's momma's place and play some Madden #tweettampering
  6. This guy to show up at my house, so that I can go back in time and draft all over again...
  7. He's currently sitting on my wire, contemplating grabbing him before the games tomorrow. Realistically, are we looking at a return in week 5 or would we be looking at a later return?
  8. He was a safe drop BEFORE the season started...
  9. I’ll let you know AFTER week 2 happens...
  10. Come on over to the Tyreek thread... we'll help you work through your grief.
  11. Zero leagues ...after this week’s performance
  12. After watching the first episode of Hard Knocks...
  13. No Hard Knocks 2night? In need of some crazy AB drama crap?
  14. It means that Flash Gordon's anxiety levels are sky high...and so is he
  15. Although you may be right that these three might be better options than Ebron, their draft capital will cost you more and again...they're dart throws not a given, just like Ebron. Engram does not have a QB, and besides Barkley, the giants will be a mess offensively. Howard has Brate to contend with (same as your Doyle argument), as well as Winston throwing him the ball. Hunter Henry didn't play last year, why is he not a dart throw? Although Luck's injury is a concern, I'm fairly confident he'll start the season and I don't draft next week, nor the week after, so I'm not concerned at the moment with any minor injury reports of players sitting out preseason games. Quite frankly, I don't think Doyle will avoid IR for at some point during the season. I don't draft top TE's, I'd rather put my $$ elsewhere. I look to viable TE options that cost substantially less but who have solid QBs. Ebron fits that bill, I would also argue that Jared Cook and Vance McDonald are good and likely cheap targets as well.
  16. What is the argument exactly? Ebron will only cost a few bucks in an auction and is a 7/8 round draft pick? If you're not going for one of the top three TEs, then the rest of this TE class is a dart throw. I'd rather spend a few dollars on a TE who showed good chemistry with one of the league's premier QBs for just a few dollars, than drop 3 times as much for one that could put up similar, or worse stats on the year.