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  1. never forgot i owned him last year and always came up disappointed every sunday
  2. Im feeling he returns week 6 against Texans
  3. hoping my approach of waiting on qb pays off with him
  4. i’m dropping him, don’t really see much potential with jets sucking. jets were trailing for the most of game but yet crowell was still in every drive for a carry or two.
  5. took a gamble and traded for him.. oh well ive accepted the fact that he is an afterthought in this offense
  6. 8/140/2 game we all ve been waiting for??
  7. well if i was a kamara owner, i would accept that gladly. Julio and gronk is going to help his roster out lot. not to mention ingram "replacing" kamara"
  8. Golladay and brown
  9. PPR - aaron jones vs NE keenan allen VS SEA golladay vs MIN
  10. D.Thomas is more of underneath routes guy right? If so, then Hopkins should have better chance for long plays with fuller out.
  11. just got him, no idea who river's to go target in RZ is typically?
  12. does he always line up from slot or does he go outside once in a while?