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  1. looking for guys to pay within 20 mins of joining, I'll be booting guys that havent paid
  2. 2 spots left, please pay if you havent https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3917100
  3. 4 spots left, I'll be soon booting out the members that havent paid https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3917100
  4. payout will be 160, 80, 40 and winner of consolidation bracket gets 20. sorry original post is wrong and I cant edit it
  5. I do these small leagues to prepare me for my big one. I have a real good track record with managing them and getting the leagues filled on time. I'm advertising on different sites and the draft will start on time
  6. 12 Teams, Head to Head, 6 playoff spots, $25 entry, normal espn settings faab waivers Pay on Leaguesafe. Would like payout distribution to be something like this: 1st $225, 2nd $100, 3rd $50 and winner of consolidation bracket gets their money back QB RB(2) WR(2) TE FLEX (rb/wr/te) DEF K BENCH (7) IR (1) normal ppr with bonuses No trading with other members, the reason my leagues have this is because of collusion issues in the past. Also new members have piece of mind that the league is fair Auction Draft Date: MON. Sep 2th, 2019 6pm ET 6 spots open Reply here or email me back boiledfrogsoup(at)gmail.com if you are interested (include your espn account email address)
  7. sorry friend, hard to switch now (because I need everyones approval on this) and I have to leave soon