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  1. 16 paid entries thus you won't be first to the party. -You will reselect your roster each week, players that you select and advance will earn multiplier points **SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW for an explanation of the scoring rules Cost: $25 *Contest Lasts Entire NFL Playoffs* Pick: 1 QB 2 RBs 2 WRs 1 TE 1 Kicker 1 Defense/ST Payout (based on Cumulative Point Total): 1st- 50% 2nd- 30% 3rd- 20% If you're interested, MAKE AN ACCOUNT...then follow the link to the league...then pay me...I will then email you the league password. Paypal will be the method of payment (use One entry per person. Feel free to share with your friends--just have them email me directly. The Link: League Name: Brady's NFL Playoff Challenge Password: (You Will Get This After You Pay) Good luck, Brady
  2. I don't know if this even a thing, but it's been 6 days and I already miss fantasy. The more $$ the better. Email me directly if you're running anything...
  3. I'm a reliable owner that can't seem to find a new keeper I'm starting my own. Email me directly with interest... I have LeagueSafe...I've run leagues for multiple sports for 8 seasons...I pay on time. Email me
  4. I'm the reliable guy you need to fill that spot in your league. I have LeagueSafe and pay promptly. EMAIL me if you have something that fits these requirements: -Standard draft (NO AUCTION) -Redraft or adopting a kept team (NO DYNASTY) -Offense only (DST scoring is fine)
  5. When does the $300 one draft? Email me details--the price is right.
  6. Looking to join a higher stakes league ASAP...I'll even consider adopting a kept team. I can draft most days. I have LeagueSafe and Commish my own league (the best owners are guys who have dealt with the headaches of being Commish). Email me ASAP -Brady