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  1. 3 hours ago, akund said:


    Haha my bad, definitely came across a little heated. I think the main post is very misleading from that perspective. Brand definitely declined, but it's difficult to tell how much of that was due to age versus the injury. As a non-dynasty owner, my only concerns are how Cousins will perform immediately after the injury, and Brand is an example of someone who was able to immediately come back and play well in comparison to his old self, though dropped off in the following years. I don't expect Cousins to be the same player as his pre-injury self, but he's definitely capable of 18/10+ this season

    no worries man.

    A major part of why I don't think he will avg >10 is usage. Will he really be asked to shoulder a big scoring load with the firepower GS has? will he get >15-20min/game?

  2. 49 minutes ago, akund said:


    Yeah because your stats on Brand are just straight up wrong lol. Brand got hurt BEFORE the 07/08 season. His 07/08 season where he put up 18/8 in 8 games was AFTER he came back from his Achilles injury (after 8 months recovery nonetheless).


    Brand didn't drop off significantly in the season he returned from injury. It wasn't until the following season that his numbers dropped off the most. Not to mention that including Brand's stats in 2016 are completely irrelevant to the discussion of how Cousins will perform this year.

    You really need to calm down there. I said it wasn't my post, so if the #s are wrong, then they are, but they aren't 'mine'. i really can't be bothered to check at this point, i really don't want this thread to become a stupid back and forth like a ton of threads on here this yr.

    Brand significantly declined, and the injury played a big part. Explosiveness is never regained to pre-injury levels. Brand is a 'big man', like cousins, so they are at least more comparable than other comparisons.

  3. On 12/27/2018 at 5:39 PM, akund said:


    Also there shouldn't be a 30 game minimum here as it's more relevant in Cousins' case how effective they were right after their returns. e.g Elton Brand put up 16/8 in his returning season before declining more in the following season

    So you just disagree with me stating that he won't score a lot of pts as soon as he comes back, but you agree he will dramatically decline in the yrs after, like Brand?

  4. On 12/26/2018 at 10:08 PM, simon said:


    All the players in the article you linked averaged more than 12ppg the first year after their achilles injury. And aside from nique and sabonis, cousins is by far the best offensive player in the group.

    Will Cousins be asked to take on as large a scoring role as the guys on that list? GS wants him for the playoffs, they will ease him in IMO.

    The NBA speed/pace of game is a lot harder than the D League or playing against a half-hearted teammate in a full tracksuit and hoodie.

    Again, I am not rooting for him to fail, I want him to be great again. I feel so bad for him, as he was on the verge of a max contract and shedding the label of best player to never make the playoffs. Then all teams pass up on him except GS, who gives him a 5.3 mil contract.

  5. 16 hours ago, ROTY said:

    Prepare to be surprised then

    i would like to be surprised, i never wish an injury to a player. but based on the injury, his position/play, the history of achilles injuries to big men, and his min restriction, considering gs doesn't really need him as a go-to scorer to make the playoffs, i think 10pts/game would be tough.

    edit: not my redditt post.


  6. 3 hours ago, chud12 said:


    Lol wtf. D Cuz didng have much athleticism to his game to begin with. Kind of an awful, disgusting take of you ask me. 

    whoa there, calm down. i don't know where you get the idea i am being disgusting, awful or whatever. i didn't wish injury upon him, or prolonged recuperation, i was merely stating an opinion.

    u really need to relax there.

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  7. 9 minutes ago, tremixt said:


    I get the feeling the finals may not be that competitive. This game is with the Raps at full health and the Warriors without both Curry and Draymond.


    Kind of a buzz kill for those hoping for something different in this year's finals.

    Kawhi isn't at full strength still working out the new players...raps have usually played GS tough the past few yrs...lost a bunch, but close, unless my memory fails me.

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  8. 5 hours ago, ItsOjMang said:

    "Usually, common treatment/recovery time for a dislocated patella is 4 to 6 weeks but this will also depend on the individual. Majority of people with a dislocated patella will recover with conservative treatment and will not require surgery."



    Holding for now for sure. Until there is more info.

    Patella is the knee, not ankle.


    I dropped in a 10-teamer, and have no regrets. 2-3 months possibly..

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