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  1. man...the threads this yr have been filled with dick comparisons...not even a week in and people have hard and fast proclamations...
  2. are this guy's D stats very bad? He hasn't played much before, but stls + blks are pretty low.
  3. ohh, ok, didn't chck the's early, still shaking the fantasy rust off!
  4. This will be the greatest post of the season.
  5. Since cp is questionable wouldn't that mean harden is more likely to play?
  6. adrenaline can easily mask a more serious injury. we should know more tomorrow.
  7. Is he expected to miss more time specifically for the shoulder, not rest. Klay and Curry hurt, wouldn't GS really want to bring him back?
  8. Intention may be nobel, but it is pure shenanigans imo. Making on the spot changes to established rules, and really for no reason since this normal (injuries), is extremely questionable. If he wants to drop, anyone should be free to pick him up.
  9. I think that argument more closely resembles this season's draft. Next yr people won't be sleeping on him.
  10. was checking his avg stats on yahoo.. last 30 days - 44 last 14 days - 13 (!) last 7 days - 2 (?!?!?!??!) i had no idea he was producing like this.
  11. we hate, i know, but this was nice: ' If you would have told us that Emeka Okafor would be better than Jahlil Okafor in 2018, we would have sent you to a psychiatrist. '
  12. Nice line so far! Best thing about it is that the raps are winning!
  13. i am not not up on the there any sort of youth movement? I imagine there will be quite a few blowouts, would beasley get garbage minutes?
  14. Lebron? Risk of sitting down the stretch, right? Harden if not injured imo. But Kat and giannis are not that far behind.
  15. JJ plays Chicago, Bog plays okc. H2h, 9 cat Thanks!