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  1. Nice! Gary Gary! Nice Gary Gary! Gay your life must be.
  2. He's available? I guess because 8 team league? I'd get him if u can afford about a month or so.
  3. If I owned Simmons I would decline that offer.
  4. I'm almost in the same boat... 10 teamer.. What stats r u trying to replace? No one better on wire? I am thinking Dunn for stls for my team. Or w. Chandler.
  5. So who's dropping? On a big time fence right now.
  6. Man, I might be getting old, but I have ZERO desire to see the vid. Just reading this thread had me squirming around, couldn't read some lengthy descriptions. Hope he can make a full recovery!
  7. Wasn't that bad of a game. .500 fg 1.00 ft 12, 7, ast, blk.
  8. pretty much Why is Joe Montana considered the best ever and not Peyton Manning? He went 4 for 4 and put up dominant numbers in his Super Bowls while Peyton played poorly in his Super Bowls, especially that last one. Losses DO matter to some extent. Like it or not people, they DO matter somewhat. So Lebron is like Elway then? not even close.