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  1. If those numbers from Oxford Uni's modelling were confirmed, lots of people will think they're immune and flout the lockdown. The govt will suppress attempts to confirm the real transmission rate, as the sole goal of the lockdown is to prevent health systems from being overwhelmed with COVID19 cases.
  2. I dunno, I think this might be a reddit thread!
  3. Ok then, Kansas Mahomes still available (picking #4)
  4. Invite sent via email to takeover Jayride, let me know if you haven't received it Invite sent by email to takeover Kansas Mahomes, let me know if you haven't received it
  5. free ESPN superflex keeper league (keep 4), FAAB, half ppr, snake draft (30th August 11pm EST) links to settings and available teams (inc draft position) below. please let me know which team you would like and provide an email address. Settings: Team Jayride (#3 pick): Kansas Mahomes (#4 pick):
  6. Payton is definitely masking a Kamara injury - I hate it when head coaches try to keep the idea going that an injured player is legit starter or a legit x-factor if he is cleared to play - its like a singer passing off a lip sync performance as "live" - it fools no one, defense sees Kamara trot out and their thinking "easy job stopping the ground game today!" a fully healthy Kamara is an essential part of the Saints red zone offense and Kamara isn't getting the rz reps
  7. Griffin. Everett is next best from the listed options
  8. drop Winston. you can probably re-acquire him easily going forward.
  9. Prescott does face several tough pass defenses over the next month. I'd roll with the QB pairing that compliments each other. perhaps try and trade one of Brady or Prescott if possible if you acquire Rodgers
  10. Ballage belongs on the WW, he's nothing more than a fantasy hail mary
  11. decline and counter offer him Duke Johnson for Rodgers / Adams!