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  1. Congrats to the champ @predator_05 and thanks to @sportsguy21792 for running this great league. If anyone wants to talk deals over the offseason, the best way to contact me is through PM. (Don't email me at the address on file with Yahoo.) Happy holidays to all.
  2. This guy is pretty good in fantasy but he's a bum in real life. The Cowboys should be looking for a QB in the next couple drafts.
  3. Between Yoda and Baby Yoda. He's a beast.
  4. Who is firing up Philadelphia today? I also have Seattle but am a little worried about their pass rush with Clowney and Ziggy out.
  5. I've never won the title in my most important league, despite having the #1 seed three times in nine years and making six semifinals. This year, I have the top team by far and enjoyed being the #1 seed again. Tonight, I faced Jackson AND Crowder. Are you ******** kidding me?!
  6. Looked like a great "zero RB" start... but it was actually a "zero WR" start!
  7. I stashed Seattle some time ago looking at Week 15/16. Carolina, Arizona. The KC call is good too but I have a hard time trusting them. Also, Trubisky is actually playing okay lately, and I have a feeling that Week 15 game could be 35 run plays for Denver against KC's poor run D.
  8. I doubt it, but I have him in a dynasty and this is a player who feels like he'll have some value next year and beyond. I doubt it'll ever be RB2-type value for a season though.
  9. Mixon feels like a total bust but if you look at the stats he's been a mid-level RB2. Given that about 10 RBs were drafted before him that's not a substantial bust. He's a bust, but a mild one. Beckham and Juju, on the other hand, have been brutal. They were drafted as WR7 and WR6, respectively, and at a position that is usually thought to have a lot less volatility than RB. When you spend a first or mid-to-early second round pick on a WR, it's because of perceived "safety" in the pick. You are essentially saying "I know that the upside in a RB is higher, but I don't want this flavor of the year type to bust on me like CJ Spiller/Jeremy Hill/etc. did so I'm going to a safe pick like one of these stud WRs... at worse he'll be like WR10 and that won't kill me." So to me guys like Juju and Beckham are just bust-a-licious.
  10. Brady the Game Manager isn't managing the game well tonight.
  11. Getting paid to not play again this week. My employer has some very progressive family leave policies, etc. I've been trying to get them to add the "AJ Green" plan to our leave policy as well. It's one year of paid leave, all the employee has to do is show up in the office three times a month for department meetings or birthday parties. No actual work product may be created or the leave is voided.