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  1. Don't forget the Marques Colston rookie year controversy!
  2. I don't think much of this guy but he should definitely be drafted ahead of Vaughn and the less training camp/preseason there is the more the advantage goes to Jones. I also wouldn't just assume this offense will be awesome. It should be, but it might be more like #10 or #12 than the #5 everyone is assuming.
  3. Nota bene: I've been getting a few inquiries lately about three players in particular: Hopkins, Hilton, and Waller. If you are interested in any of them, feel free to send in offers. I'd be looking for players (preferably young with some upside but I'm open-minded) and/or future draft picks. I'm not committed to trading any of them but rather than get into bi- or trilateral talks I thought I'd post this publicly first.
  4. In NL-Only roto, you used to try to get Cardinals' 4th/5th OF So Taguchi on your roster. It enabled you to say things like "your team is good, but mine is SO Taguchi, much more Taguchi than your team." In that vein, my team is suddenly quite Lamical, and probably the most Lamical of squads. Round 3 29. merkman_21 - Josh Kelley RB LAC 30. predator_05 (from Du5t3r) - Devin Duvernay WR BAL 31. vikingapocalypse - Bryan Edwards WR LVR 32. ArmchairGM -Antonio Gandy-Golden WR WAS 33. KennyWoo (from Boudewijn (from Drake)) Lamical Perine RB NYJ 34. sportsguy21792 @sportsguy21792 OTC 35. merkman_21 (via Du5t3r (from Iron-cock) @merkman_21 On deck for two picks 36. merkman_21 (via Du5t3r (from KennyWoo) 37. Boudewijn @Boudewijn Sort of in the hole for two picks 38. Boudewijn (from DerrickHenrysCleats) 39. Mek Daddy 40. merkman_21 (via Du5t3r (from JMak) 41. megamoviejohn 42. predator_05
  5. Good morning all. I will be selecting shortly. I will be making my pick based on which player has a name which sounds most like an adjective. Please standby.
  6. If we play in Canada we'll need to add punters to this league... getting that one point for punting into the end zone from a "rouge" is a key part of the game up there.
  7. Look on the bright side - it's probably 14 months before the next NFL game... at the earliest.
  8. I may be looking to trade down from 3.05. Feel free to PM me if interested. Good night, all.
  9. Confirmed. @Du5t3rgets his man on Dominion Day.
  10. Yes, I was trying to ease the burden on the Commissioner by doing it that way. Also I'm adding Gronk now just to upset everyone.
  11. I would love to see Bill Belichick having to put up with using Cam Newton as his quarterback. It would be absolutely hilarious to watch.
  12. Here's my position on PKs: Get them out of all redraft leagues.
  13. We have a trade. Need Some Wood? trades 2.06 and Kirk Cousins to Boudewijn (There Be Dragons) for 3.05, @Boudewijn's 2021 3rd round pick, and Josh Allen. I'm updating the 2nd round above but note that 3.05 (pick #33) will need to be moved to me in Round 3. Boudewijn to confirm, and he's now on the clock. @Iron-cock is on deck, followed by @vikingapocalypse.