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  1. Definitely belongs in three-wide sets on the rookie all-name team along with Gandy-Golden and Quintez Cephus. (RB would obviously be the Lamical Gangster and the TE Albert Okwhamalamadingdong.)
  2. One of the least sexy options in fantasy football and he's not a sexy real-life player either. What he is to the Rams is a reliable guy who has earned a role. If you are in a deep league and need some production, you could do worse. I did a deep dive here:
  3. A lot of rookies have a hard time earning the trust of the coaching staff. For RBs, that's usually because of pass protection. I'm guessing Akers can't pass protect. Maybe he'll learn; maybe he'll never be able to do it. Malcolm Brown gets run because he has the 100% trust of the coaching staff in pass pro. Brown has played 232 snaps. Hendo and Akers have been hurt at various times so it's not a straight comparison but they've played 235 snaps combined. Now, snap counts don't always translate into touches, etc., and not all touches are equal for fantasy, etc. But the fact is that Brown has been on the field about 50% of the time and I don't really see him ever projecting below around 40%. (He has one game at 38% this year; in four of seven games he's at 49% or more.) In six of seven Rams games this season, Brown has had touches + targets of nine or more. That's a significant bite out of any RB and I don't see Akers usurping anything from Brown. I see the Rams depth chart as: 1a. The Non-Brown Role. 1b. Brown. (This includes the majority of passing game work; Brown has 19 targets to 14 combined for Hendo/Akers so far. That's a touch below 60% of all RB targets.) So Hendo and Akers are basically fighting for their share of that "1a" slice, which is going to be between 50% and 70% of the touches/targets in any given game. So that's Akers's ceiling this season, and it can probably only be realized if Hendo is hurt. Of course, if Brown gets injured, who knows what happens. P.S. What about goal line? Henderson and Brown have scored three goal line TDs each. If we define "goal line" as inside the 10 yard line, here are the carry counts so far this season: Henderson 16; Brown 8. So that "1a" role would appear to have more TD upside, although Brown converted on first and goal from the 1 in Week 7 so it isn't as if Henderson has taken it all over.
  4. If Hopkins returned a washed David Johnson, by Houston math Will Fuller will be traded for Jamaal Williams. In all seriousness, any trade will decrease Fuller's value. Fuller is playing on a fast track indoors with a quality QB on a team that has no defense at all and is forced to throw. He has chemistry and is sort of the #1 here. Anywhere else will come with a playbook learning curve, lack of chemistry with the QB, possibly a better defense, more run-heavy scheme, or a worse QB, etc. There are some places perhaps that a trade could increase his dynasty stock but for redraft a trade would be awful.
  5. Same. Actually I might have picked him up two weeks ago. And no IR spots. Upside here is big. I'm also not expecting him until after the bye.
  6. I still don't understand why the Lamical Gangster has such low ownership. I've been banging the drum for him for like a month.
  7. Edmonds should be a top 15 play (at worst) every week until Drake comes back or another back is brought in. For Edmonds the worst thing would be for him to take over Drake low-fantasy-value touches while another back comes in for that valuable change of pace role. One of the reasons Edmonds was so efficient this season is that he was getting all the work that leads to big fantasy production: passing game work and runs against nickel and dime packages, etc. I would assume he keeps that and gets more of other touches too. Obviously the arrow is pointing way up and there's no guarantee Drake will ever come back in a significant role. A must start.
  8. The last 2 weeks it's been a two-man show. Brown is a cheap option for those desperate for some touches during the byes in deeper leagues. Akers MIA lately.
  9. 11.9 tonight without a TD. Got vultured by Eddie Jackson too. Safe floor.
  10. Malcolm Brown may be the most valuable back on this team. He doesn't have the most upside, obviously, but he gets a lot of the high value work (GL and passing downs).
  11. It wouldn't surprise me at all if a "banger" back is signed or traded for cheaply. (If Adrian Peterson were available that would fit like a glove.) I've said several pages ago that I'd give Edmonds the feature role if I ran the franchise but I don't think Arizona thinks of Edmonds that way. I'd expect them to give Edmonds more run than he was getting pre-Drake injury but I think they want a more traditional 1st/2nd/GL back on the roster. I doubt that's Eno Benjamin, although they might try that. I wonder if Frank Gore would be available. Every coach would love to have Frank Gore and he'd be a great guy to have on your roster because of his amazing pass pro. He's still serviceable and he'd have to be dirt cheap in trade, I would think. Of course the Jets probably aren't smart enough to try to get something for a 52 year-old running back when they're trying to go 0-16.
  12. The upside here is in pass catching. Perine caught 40 balls in his last season of college. That's a lot for a RB in college. This Jets team is going to either a) be competitive, as they were yesterday, in which case Perine as the nominal lead back will get some carries and a possible TD or b) be chasing points and passing a lot (the more likely scenario). If Perine is on the ascendancy, as it appears, he could carve out a 65%-ish role in this offense which could develop into like 4-6 dump offs in a lot of games where they are behind. That would give him some sort of floor. Granted, the ceiling looks low. But I've been touting him from the preseason as a deep cut. If you're starting this guy in a 10- or 12-teamer you're in trouble. In a 14-teamer, or in dynasty, etc., this kind of guy is a nice add. And by the way, don't be too quick to just write off a guy like this as "JAG" in his like 2nd game of getting usage. He was a 4th round pick so some scout somewhere thought he had potential. He may well be JAG, but it's hard to say such a thing with a high degree of accuracy on such a small sample. 62nd %ile SPARQ score isn't bad.
  13. I wouldn't drop him. If your timeline is correct, he's back for the playoffs and he still has RB1 upside. I wouldn't want this guy being stashed by my potential Week 14/15 playoff opponent.
  14. Wow, the guy is actually likely to play again this season. And he was being such a drama queen last night I actually wished him "RIP." I feel violated.