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  1. 12 Team PPR Need 2 RBs + a Flex. Right now I’m starting Michel, White, and Lewis. My options: RBs-James White vs Vikings Sony Michel vs Vikings Dion Lewis vs Jets Kenyan Drake vs Bills Flex-Eric Ebron @ Jaguars (Starting Kittle) Allen Robinson @ Giants Josh Reynolds @ Lions
  2. He’s not going to take Jones/Ingram unless news comes out that Gurley might miss time. Zeke+Carson is a good deal if you feel confident that Gurley will come back after the bye ok. Im assuming 6 teams make the playoffs as well and youre comfortable sitting Gurley this week and possibly even next week if they rest/limit him.
  3. 2QB league, I would for sure hold onto Jackson. I’d prefer Hooper over Brate. To much uncertainty in TB and they have plenty of options as well. Hooper has a clear role and a great QB throwing the ball. I’d stick with him.
  4. Need a TE with Jimmy Graham hurt. Best available options are Brate, Uzomah, Heuerman, McDonald, and Njoku. I would have to drop one of Sutton, Crabtree, Ekeler (Gordon owner) or Jimmy Graham.
  5. No one is taking Jones/Lewis for Kelce. Chubb is your best bet, CMC would get it done as well but I’m not looking to trade him. Jones+a WR could get you a nice upgrade though. There is a lot of hype around Jones right now like Chubb.
  6. I wouldn’t risk it in Chubb. Go with Hunt. Id have faith to find another keeper in a year or two if anything were to happen to Hunts value. But the Chiefs offense and his talent is to much to pass up right now.
  7. If you had a better RB duo to back up Fournette, I’d be ok with it. He’s to injury prone to trust as your RB1. Id see what else you could get for Howard. Maybe Murray+Howard to the cook owner, or I’d rather trade Howard+Coleman for a better RB.
  8. Yes I would do this deal in a heartbeat. Chubb+Njoku for Kelce.
  9. Reynolds over Riddick. I would be picking between those two in PPR. I think I’d rather Riddick though ROS if you can find the space for him and need depth.
  10. I’d go after Allen. Throw in a WR if you have to. If you can’t get Allen, I’m sure someone will be offering an upgrade over Ridley for Kerryon. Just make it known what you’re looking for. Kerryon+Ridley could entice some owners.
  11. You’re set with Gordon+Kerryon. AP is a pretty good RB3 to have. Could also be a decent RB on waivers or at least handcuffs. Id still much rather Diggs over Coleman.
  12. As long as Fournette is healthy, I’d rather have him over Chubb. If you didn’t have the depth to back up Fournette then I’d probably flip sides. But giving up either for Julio would help out your team.
  13. Ya I would take this deal for sure. Just hope you have some sort of RB depth behind Coleman.
  14. 1) I’d go after Miller, then Reynolds, then Keke. Drop Godwin and Reed. 2) Reynolds, then ARI D, then Keke. Drop Reed. I’d rather give Engram another week or two especially against TB this week.
  15. I’ve been offering him Ebron for Bears D or Olsen for Zuerlein+Bears D for weeks. He’s never wanted to trade away Bears D. Im going to try and offer Ebron for Djax+Zuerlein. But at best I think he’ll counter with Olsen.