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  1. I think Melvin Gordon's rookie year in 2015 is is a good frame of reference because of the following similarities: 1) Reich 2) Hines like Woodhead 3) Gordon had fumble issues like Taylor 4) High draft pick Indy has another difference in Mack Taylor should be gold in dynasty but he is REALLY overrated in redraft and PPR
  2. Theilen overvalued too imo. Same reason JuJu is still
  3. Good point. I admit my resentful David Boston bias influences my opinion. TO was a freak. Definitely within a range of outcomes.
  4. Don’t forget his solid end of season coincided with Steven Sims’ breakout. Absolutely love Haskins price in superflex
  5. Great rookie year, expecting him to improve this year (All Russ based) Horrible dynasty asset though. At his size he’ll either start breaking down after 3 years or fail the piss test at some point. And no I’m not projecting my David Boston bitterness as a Charger fan.
  6. I'm probably extrapolating too much from those two games he looked great and it may seem unlikely but does anyone doubt if he played 14+ games he'd return at worst high-end RB2 value? IF he's healthy then he's not losing meaningful carries to AP. Gibson is intriguing as a return/slot/gadget player but no chance for significant carries at RB. Zero His speed means absolutely nothing without real burst. And he has none.
  7. A few undervalued RBs: 1) Armstead - Still think Fournette gets traded this year. 2) Pollard - think he returns borderline flex in PPR esp in blowouts. 3) Chase Edmonds - There is literally zero evidence Drake can handle a full workload over a season. 4) David Johnson - who cares that he can't run huge ADOT which Watson hasn't had before. 5) Breida - It's not a guarantee he gets hurt right? 6) Guice - it seems his burst and tackle breaking has been completely unaffected by injuries. Top 5 running talent imo. Think AP could get cut and Gibson is not a threat. Plus it's redraft not dynasty so who cares that he'll have short career in all likelihood. 7) Boston Scott - Thought he looked amazing in spots last year and should get at least 30% of the carries. Overvalued Bell, Gurley, Ekeler, Mostert,
  8. Undervalued WR - Marvin Jones (as per usual) - Slayton (if draft capital was higher he'd be going closer to 6th round I think) - Steven Sims - CRIMINALLY underated imo. Flashing those AB skills and stupid fast. Will be on all my teams for sure.
  9. If I hear one more person say someone is the next Kamara then I’m going to do absolutely nothing Stupid comparisons mean nothing. seriously though Kamara is a balance freak. Without peer. Having said that, RoJo is the second coming of Michael Bennett
  10. I think the main point of disagreement / confirmation bias is if you think RoJo cannot improve at all. If that’s the case then sure Vaughn has upside to take over all 3 downs as a raw rookie with a 43 year old QB on his team. I look at his age (Uber young entering the league) increased muscle, marked improvement last year, and what appears to be a good work ethic. Are these things people straight ignore when projecting this backfield or just disregard because the bucs drafted a day two back when they had zero depth behind Jones?
  11. McFarland is hard pass esp in dynasty. Thinking he plays a full season anytime in his NFL career is delusional.
  12. Next to James Conner easiest road to profit for a RB. He has to fall on his face (possible) to not get at least 50 percent of the carries.
  13. I mean he’s still only 25... agree he’s not a great hitter BUT he doesn’t have to be to have fantasy value. That 2018 will play just fine. Plus he was a prospect at one point so another step is not outside the range of possibilities.
  14. I think I'd rather have Peraza than Chavis even at the same draft spot. Better fantasy make-up.
  15. I’m guessing that you granting of one year of service time doesn’t apply to guys in minors. If so, then holding them down may be service time shenanigans but I don’t know.