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  1. Worst OL in the league. Won’t improve this year. Range of 10-15 points per game. Lock to finish as an RB2. You can close the thread now.
  2. Lmao at least this guy takes his time ESPN jumps right in.
  3. They have to be the least intimidating “good” team ever.
  4. It looked so much worse on replay. I really hope he’s okay.
  5. Perfect I was looking for a tilty emotional reason to play Freeman over Henderson. Yahtzee.
  6. The risk of this game getting cancelled is a much bigger concern that TB
  7. Something else to chew on speculation wise: He was FURIOUS when he hurt it. Makes me think he knew he tweaked it badly. It’s almost eerie how the bs initial downplay reporting is just how it went down with Fant.
  8. lol the bad reporting by the fantasy sources not mentioning this means the market will just see the limited tag and either eliminate or reduce their firkser bids. Jonnu may play but this note tells me it's very likely a Game time decision at best. I'm keeping my couple of bucks bid in.
  9. So? Always good to have your 2nd string RB healthy just in case
  10. We should take this to the JuJu thread lol. Meet you there?