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  1. Is Gallegos a lock if Martinez moves to the rotation? It seems like that based on their neck and neck ADP. I'm wondering if a guy like Gant could be a darkhouse?
  2. And yet Steamer still has him hitting 50 lol
  3. My problem is the 3rd round being a tad high as well. Especially when you consider you can get more $ value (slightly different profile) with Bichette 40 picks later.
  4. Swk would indicate he can up that K rate. Agree that more walks could be an issue.
  5. I’d argue Vlad’s upside is Rendon. Let’s see Vlad hit .310 plus (very possible) before we say his upside is more than current Rendon.
  6. Don’t forget about Feliz as a Pit dark horse.
  7. No especially bc Steamer is only one system. Not that it matters much since I'm cherry picking but lol at their Vlad numbers last year. We're still going in circles but your major outlier argument simply doesn't hold weight. xHR/FB has now been repeated two years in a row which is logical in that he's in his prime years. Exit velocity data point is minimized by hard hit rate going the other way. The most likely reasons for regression imo are a) AB driven counting stats and extra HRs and b) New team/league.
  8. Frazier scares me the most. Especially for preventing 3B eligibility. Probably will find a way to get 450 ABs regardless though.
  9. I do love his Trout-esque swing. Hope you're right.
  10. Not worried about contact rate? H% + Contact makes .300 awfully tough. .438 2nd half BABIP!!!!
  11. For two catcher leagues I think the optimal choices value wise are Sal Perez and Molina. Misranked and Mispriced and that's with jumping their ADP by 20 picks or so to ensure getting them.
  12. Isn't that nitpicking? Anywhere from 10 to 20 seems interchangeable to me.
  13. Here's another trash one for the uber desperate: Luke Maile on PIT. I feel stupid for writing this actually.
  14. I love Hiura but that avg only happens if everything possible goes right.