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  1. Curious about rules on weekly waiver/FA pick ups. Any limitations? Does it change weekly depending on win/loss record?
  2. Just took a look, looks like the team missed a round in the rookie draft. I will pass
  3. I enjoy Dynasty leagues, your rules say only 8 keepers for 2020. Is that an oversight? Dynasty means you keep almost everybody depending on roster size. Is this going to be more of a Keeper style league?
  4. Need to make the league public, cant see any of he teams. Or send invite to
  5. What pick does the team have in the supplemental draft?
  6. Please email info, I would like to take a look at the teams
  7. Would you send info as to which teams are available please.
  8. Interested in the details, was part of one of these last year that failed.
  9. Would you clarify which drafts go with what Teams? interested in the 2nd team listed