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  1. That link just take you to sleeper - no details about the league
  2. That never seems to work . . . I'm interested if it's a slow auction or perhaps if you post a date/time and that works.
  3. Could be interested - would the auction draft be a slow auction or live auction? If the latter it's date/time dependent
  4. These are great leagues - if you haven't tried a slow auction you should as they are a blast
  5. can join and pay immediately if you need one

  6. Would join again - need to know draft time, can't be as late as last night
  7. in and paid - willing to start draft whenever everyone is in Would suggest 60 seconds per pick vs. 90
  8. Can't see the rules - the league is private
  9. Your draft time doesn't match - it says 6:30 PM ET Would be interested if it was 2 OP vs 2 QB
  10. 9 in . . . need at least 1 more to make this happen tonight - c'mon
  11. Interested - need the leaguesafe payout to be set to majority vote to join though " IMPORTANT! The commissioner can allocate funds in any way they see fit, with no intervention by LeagueSafe or league members. Pay your entry fee only if you know and/or trust your commissioner. If you’re not comfortable with this Payout Rule, contact your commissioner to request a Payout Rule that allows for a league vote on payout distributions."
  12. Send me an invite- can draft tonight at 10:15 pm est.