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  1. As a Saquon and Sanders owner here desperately starting Scott you have to imagine NYG will review the tape and scheme for Scott to shut him down. No way he replicates or even does 50% of that tonight. Have a bad feeling he will go for 12 rushes, 52 yards, 1 catch for 5 yards no touchdowns.
  2. Incoming Jeff Wilson TD. So glad I started McKinnon
  3. I knew McKinnon was a trap play today but yet I still played him. 0-3 here I come. McKinnon won’t break 2 points today.
  4. What a horrible start with Shenault Jr on my end. Jesus Christ have I been off this year. Here I come 0-3. Last one here please shut the lights off
  5. Would be nice if yahoo added RB eligibility considering all the injuries I have had so far and anticipate more with this crappy season. Anyone know the likelihood of that happening?
  6. I’m done drafting this guy. Twice he has burned me. Generational talent or not, I don’t care to draft you if you can’t stay on the field. Like somebody said earlier the last one to leave remember to turn off the lights in this thread.
  7. Wish Haskins could get him more targets and actually more importantly more accurate throws...
  8. Almost dropped him thankfully I didn’t since I just lost Saquon for the year. What do we have here fellas? Assuming Mostert will be back in a few weeks?
  9. This guy is trash for fantasy. I can’t believe I went after him
  10. Well it looks to be an ACL tear. Good year fellas
  11. Mckinnon Szn or no? What is the word on Raheem Mostert?
  12. Well he pounded his fist when he was being carted off. You have to imagine that the trainers told him it could be an ACL tear and he’s out for the year or something to that magnitude for him to be that angry.
  13. What if it’s an MCL tear? I’m assuming his season would be over too?