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  1. Well this stinks but I guess I’ll hold with my other injured bums
  2. 45 points between Boone and Anthony Miller in standard scoring. Not going to happen.
  3. Left Drake on the bench for Gurley, Carson, and opted to play Boone. Standard league. No way Boone will get 30 points. I am now down by 25. Horrible.
  4. He will be out of the league in 2 more years. I can see him getting waived by numerous teams on his way out.
  5. I will never draft Gurley again even if he falls in the 5-6th round. He’s a bonafide bust.
  6. Me too. We should’ve went Drake. This likely costed me the championship. Fml.
  7. Shouldn’t have started Gurley this looks like a shootout game. See you guys next year.
  8. Great now White is going to get a bunch of garbage points against me
  9. I think I’m still going Boone. Is there a chance Mattison is ruled out tomorrow?
  10. All based on 1 quarter? He could easily explode the next 3 quarters.
  11. yup same here. They are on pace to having their second worst defensive game right after their game against Baltimore. I knew I should’ve grabbed another defense.