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  1. I *guess* I would take it. Melvin is the big get, and he may indeed profit elsewhere. Not sure why you are devaluing the 1st round pick as much as you are,but assume it makes sense in the context of your league.
  2. I would go Henry; Engram just seems like a complete wild card recently.
  3. Carson; D Parker only if you really need upside possibility. Help?
  4. I would go Edmonds, if I needed to win soon. We have no idea if he'll be a world-beater once DJ returns, and recent news indicates that Kerryon is on IR, so . . .
  5. I would drop the Chargers for the Bears and pick up Jones -- probably would drop Winston, McCoy, or Kirk.
  6. I'd go Gallup, based largely on how SF DST is playing and how unimpressive he's been. Probably Woods has higher floor though. Help?
  7. The side that gets Gordon; Brown is likely a dropoff from Woods, but by no means certainly. Help?
  8. Not at all; I would tend to start Coleman over him, but I would not start Ridley. Help?
  9. I'd say Gordon and Evans. I *want* it to be Breida, but Coleman confuses things; Ekeler has the same issue, but not as severely. Thanks on mine.
  10. Team in signature. Basically, Waller and Buff DST are on byes so I have no TE or DST. Extremely short benches, horrible record now (but truthfully, this week may also be lost cause). 1/ For TE, can pick up Everett. But who to drop? Or just skip the 3-6 points likely? 2/ For DST, could get TEN, WAS (against Miami), SF (but against Rams), GB (but against Det), PHIL (but against Minn). Which, and who to drop? Or just skip the negative to 10 points likely, and hold? WHIR.
  11. Just to be clear, if we're talking FLEX, there are three candidates: Hollywood, Breida, or Mixon.