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  1. Im in! I want in the 200 and the 80$ superflex, both drafting on Sept. 5th. Kodeyhammer@gmail.com
  2. Looking for leagues to join. Dont have time to commish a league this year... Also, cannot schedule very far in advance due to work, so if your trying to get a league filled up to go right away, or the day of, email me and if im able to do a draft then I would be more than happy to join... Email: Kodeyhammer@gmail.com With these settings ESPN League Safe PPR $150 - $500 buy in NO AUCTION Like standard PPR settings but not a deal breaker if it gets a little exotic with the positions or other tweaks to the settings.... Kodeyhammer@gmail.com
  3. Email me Christian, if you would please, when you join league or commish any... If the league is looking to get filled up... Thats the settings I like also... Kodeyhammer@gmail.com
  4. Im down for the same settings... Prefer 12 team leagues... 750 might be too rich for my blood but 150$ minimum, up to 400 or 500 Email me Kodeyhammer@gmail.com... Would like to draft in mornings or early afternoons
  5. Go in your LM tools and delete that team completely and then resend invite
  6. kevinbull44@gmail.com this is the guy that emailed me and Wildbil... but he said he has never done leaguesafe so he was setting it up... backup anyways if the reddit guys fall thru
  7. a guy emailed me said he saw the league on rotoworld... not sure why he didnt post on here or why he emailed me... im waiting on a reply