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  1. Simmons Has a pretty serious injury. If they don’t need to rush him back they won’t. Wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t return for another month. Ride the hot hand Shake in the mean time.
  2. The Giants-Dolphins game is looking at gale scaled winds. The run game and short passes will be a go to on both sides. Should have a nice volume day and we can only hope for a greasy touchdown. I ain't scared to start Laird! LETS GO
  3. I'm really debating between Laird and Hunt in my standard league. Volume is king and knowing Laird should have 15-20 touches compared to Hunts 10-12. Only thing stopping me is that the start/sit tool for fantasypros has experts 90% in favour of Hunt
  4. That's possible but unlikely at this point. I think people have to see the writing on the wall and believe their eyes. DJ has lost a step. He's slow and is playing without conviction. I can't see him getting the workhorse role back, which is what made up the majority of his value in the first place. Might as well take a flier on some other high end handcuffs
  5. Not gonna lie, I like the smell of mine as well. I thought everybody liked their own brand? On topic though, Kingsbury is a douche.
  6. Holding Guice and dropping DJ... What has fantasy football become!?
  7. Hm so how’d things turn out? Ty Johnson 2.0
  8. I think the sad truth is that he’s not injured, he’s just lost a step. He looks like a linebacker and moves like a lineman. Even before his injuries he looked like a slug. Still a great pass catcher though
  9. You can definitely drop him outside of a dynasty. He’s dead weight at this point. Sad but true..
  10. 2013 Doug Martin, Trent Richardson and CJ Spiller.. I remember picking 8th that year and get LeSean McCoy.. Suckers
  11. Freeman only out for 2 weeks with minor sprain. Unless your lacking in RB depth and need wins now, I’d chill on Hill
  12. I see him as a borderline league IF Freeman is out ROS. I don’t get why everyone’s jumping the gun before we know how severe the sprain is. I’m not spending my no. 1 if that MRI doesn’t come back saying “******”.
  13. This could possibly mean they're not satisfied with DK. He is a rookie after all and showing a lot of those rookie growing pains. Not unrealistic to think he loses snaps to Gordon in 2 wide sets. I think ppl are missing the most crucial part in Gordon signing with the Seahawks. It's Russels lack of redzone weapons. Now we have a tank of a man whom they call Flash Gordon joining the team? Boner time boys